Ho Hum and All


Yeah, you all have been anxiously waiting for it, I can tell. So here you go: The Tea report. No tea, still mold, wetter mold than last I updated. TheMan reminded me that I was going to water the bastar-experiments late last night so at “I’m all happily snuggled in bed drifting off to sleep” o’clock I got up and watered them. They are wet.

I am very tired today. I went to kids class and wound up subbing in for two man work because we had an odd number of kids. Days like that I get a better workout and last night my muscles were protesting my moving around so much. We had the usual crowd of instructors; Sempi Zeff who runs the class and Sempi Deran and Sempi me who help out. I got to work with the tags and colored belts on Taikieyuku two and three (sorta) with the theory that the tags would go through number two for ever and a day and the colored belts would go through two for half the time and three the rest of the time. What really happened is I got to juggle two groups of 10 kids (7 tags, 3 belts) simultaneously and only had about 20% down time from each group as they finished off what you set them to do and stood around boogering.

That’s my new word to describe the aimless standing and fidgeting a kid does when they think they have finished doing whatever you have told them to do. I don’t know what it is, but kids don’t seem to have the capacity to go and practice stuff on their own sans guidance when you tell them “Practice these on your own”. Instead, they are likely to do said thing once or almost once and stand around boogering until they get some sort of cue to do something else. My group of tags could not go through the kata more than once without a prompt from me. The colored belts, who are older kids, got through more reps but they too boogered around arguing about who was going to lead the group. Maybe it was just the day. Who knows.

And since TheMan is always saying “You need to explain these things in your blog!” the Kids karate ranking system is as follows: White, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green where White is the beginning belt and Green is the same belt as an adult Green belt (Gokyu). They divide the belt levels into 3 sub levels each (it’s a psychological thing – more levels means more promotions and more promotions makes the kids believe they are doing super well. It keeps them from being discouraged) and the levels are called tags. So, your first promotion as a kid would be one yellow stripe (tag) on your white belt. Yellows get orange tags, oranges get blue tags yadda yadda. Moving on!

Then I boogered around going over my form (Sasan) because I needed to go over it but I wasn’t entirely gung ho about it. Then it was time for karate class which, again like always, kicked my ass. I went over Sasan again. And again. And again. And some more! Eh, practice makes perfect and I got some pointers so there you have it. I also learned the first few steps to Nihanchi Shodon, which is the next form I need to know. Sadly, for as much time as I have spent on Sasan, it looks like I’m not going to be doing it for my test. I guess they took it out of the Gokyu material and popped it somewhere up in brown or black belt. On the bright side, I’ll have a really easy time learning it when I see it again no? Heh! I did not realize until this morning how much of a work out karate was as I was trying to boogie (not booger) to the Union for breakfast. My legs were having none of it. They are stiff and sore today and I feel achy pretty much everywhere. I am considering it a good ache though because otherwise I’d whine.

The last thing of note were the storms (or maybe was the storm…not exactly sure what went through yesterday or how many) that ripped through the area. We were doing group work in karate when the tornado siren went off and after a couple of minutes everyone was stopped and looking about for instruction from Zeff. Did we continue? Did we go downstairs? Some people were generally confused by what the sound was in the first place. No doubt they were people who were not native to the tornado belt. The consensus was to continue on until things got really super ugly nasty, then we would go downstairs.

Things did not get that bad, but the cloud show was spectacular. TheMan and I hit Applebee’s after the dojo and saw some gigantic thunder heads with flashing lightning beeboping about inside them. Very cool.

And speaking of food, I’m back to counting numbers. I had taken last week off because I wanted to. I just didn’t feel like keeping such a close watch on everything I ate, so I took a break from the book and told myself that “I’d try to eat right but wouldn’t bother with the numbers”. Ha! Ha ha! hahahahahahaha! Oh stop, please. Like I even came close to staying on a healthy ~2000 calorie 30-40 grams of fat diet when I didn’t have to account for everything (if it’s not in the frame, it doesn’t exist!). Yeah. Whatever. I enjoyed a week of not crunching numbers and eating and that in itself is much worth the hiatus. However, Monday I dusted the book back off and I am on track again. I even ate well at Applebees (although it’s really hard to. Lots of fried food there and grilled steak, which I don’t eat) after fudging with the menu a bit. They have an Italian grilled chicken on a Caesar salad but as a stand alone dish. Their one grilled chicken dish is a honey grilled thingit. Not so much a fan of the honey grilled sauce. Besides, I was also all about the vegetables yesterday. Salad is not vegetables. So I got a Italian grilled chicken with veggies in place of taters and pilaf. Superb! Healthy and it tasted awesome. It’s got to be one of the best meals I have had in a while. I even have leftovers for lunch today. Yum!

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