The 2007 April 1st Boo Guessing Game

“The trust of the innocent is the liar’s most useful tool.”

– Stephen King

Where did March go? No, seriously: Where did it go? I was supposed to start working out in March and…ahhh…WHERE DID IT GO? On the other hand, it seems to be April first already and much to my amusement when I look back in my archives, I find that I get to play 10 questions with y’all. I love the April fools day question game! I’m also still in Massachusetts hanging around the last waning hours of ConBust so I thought I’d do a ten True or False Smithees questions entry. Are you ready?

Here are this year’s ten questions. As usual, some of them are true, some of them are false, some of them are tricksy and all of them will be answered later on in the week. Ish.

1. The Smithee awards are also host to Unhealthy Snacks and Drinks of Colors not found in Nature

2. The Guru, Earl, Sultan and Fearless Leader are not the original Supreme Smithee Committee members.

3. Jack Nicholson, Christopher Plummer, Michelle Pfeiffer and Gozdzilla have all made appearances in Smithee Movies.

4. On non-MegaMeta years, we put on three full Smithee shows.

5. If another category were to be added to the show line-up, it would most likely be “Worst musical number”

6. The Smithee awards have helped film makers sell their films.

7. Some of movies allowed in the Smithees are: Action, Comedy, Drama, Foreign, Horror, and Sci-Fi.

8. The Supreme Smithee Committee pay a great deal of attention to possible copyright issues.

9. MegaMeta Smithee shows are called MegaMeta because we have 10 clips per category.

10. The Smithee Show is a family friendly show appropriate for all ages.

Right then. Mull these over and I’ll get back to you later. Ta!

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4 Responses to “The 2007 April 1st Boo Guessing Game”

  1. kph Says:

    Hey, for once I know all of these!

  2. Boo Says:

    BWA! You Teh Funnay!

  3. Sean K. Says:

    1. True.

    2. True.

    3. True.

    4. False. (though it may end up being true next year)

    5. Elephino, but I guess it’s as good as any.

    6. True. At least, I think that’s the case with Scott Shaw.

    7. False. Definitely no comedy.

    8. True. Thus the ignoring high-profile movies and the “Educational Purposes” disclaimer.

    9. False.

    10. Way false!

    And for the record, I typed these responses before reading the existing comments.

  4. Scott Says:

    5. Actually, it’s plausible. Leprechaun IV would be the all-time, category-retiring winner.

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