This Land is CRANKY!

The tea revealed and a work place cat fight.

Taeeee Taeeee Taeeeeeeee!


This bowl has molded,
this one is drying.
I think the packet
Was freekin lying

From the pete moss pellet
To the seeds a sprou-ou-ou-ting
This thing’s a stupid waste of time.

Yes, that is tae and no, it’s not a typo. Tae is the official phonetic way to spell tea if you are south of the Mason Dixon line. It’s the ending or pause line to some song from both my sister’s and my distant past and the only thing either of us can remember about it is “Taeeee Taeeee, Taeeeeee!”. Is it from a musical? Or maybe a program we watched way back in our childhood? Could it be that the aliens implanted that into our heads? Who knows but I find it interesting that both of us only remember this one line (if three repetitive words could be called a line). We are all about the tea, man (which makes my failed experiment hurt all the more. MY POOR TEA BABIES!)

So last night one of the gamers asked me “Hey, what is up with this tea thing?” and I showed her my tea babies (or mold babies) and she was still “…and?” I thought to myself, “Self, did we not explain this in the blog somewhere?” to which my self replied “Don’t look at me, I’m just the ideas man you are supposed to be the QC expert.” What a snotty ass. Like I can keep track of which inner voice actually becomes an outer voice and all. I have to do everything in this relationship.

The funny thing is that I do this all the time. I’ll be sitting there in the car and something will catch my eye outside (like a produce stand) and I’ll be reminded of something else (Mmm, I remember back when I was little and we used to stop at this produce stand and get the BEST home made blueberry pies) and then that leads to a third thought (Mmmmm, pie. That sounds really good. Ugh, pie crust is a pain to make, Oooo, I could do cobbler! That’s like pie but simpler to make and tasty with ice cream) which ends in a decision (Yes! I’m in the mood for hot blueberry cobbler and Breyers vanilla ice cream!). So then I usually turn to TheMan and say “I think Breyer’s ice cream would go best, what do you think?”

Then I get “the eye” because he loves me and he doesn’t want to say “What the fuck are you talking about?” even though from his perspective he suddenly is expected to make an informed decision about Breyer ice cream’s compatibility with an as yet unidentified thing or idea. Hee! Sometimes my brain gets to hopping ideas so fast I forget that other people aren’t in on the thinking process. You know, the fruit stand? Cobbler? Ice cream?? Come on, let’s all get on the same page here. Oh, what, you don’t have a copy of the outline? Oops, sorry. My bad.

So I thought for sure I said something about the tea thing a while back but seeings as I am a lazy couch fuck and don’t want to find it to link, I will just give a small recap here. My sis gave me this tea kit for Christmas as a stocking stuffer because I like tea (not because I like stuffing stockings). It came with two bowls (roundy and flared, they were not a matched set. I still don’t know why), a packet of tea seeds (or they secretly replaced my tea seeds with mold seeds. Those bastards and their hidden cameras…like hell “let’s see if I notice”, I’m growing MOLD here), a squishy squashed pete moss disk, instructions and a tea infuser. So far, the infuser is the only decent thing in the pack but I haven’t actually tried it out. It too could be utter crap. The idea was that I was supposed to happily plant the seeds and watch my tea (mold) grow. The experiment was to see if the tea would grow in my underground no light office but because I haven’t had them at work for more than two of their 10? 12? Growing days that has kinda fallen through.

Hoooyaw, things are hopping here at work. I’m on one of those committee things and although we originally set out to do one thing, we now sort of are a social committee. We have been planning little gatherings and surprises and the like over the year as sort of an appreciation for the staff or a pat on the back, good going, thanks, here’s a party! Type of thing. No big deal, just one of those surprise bags that appear on people’s desks when they come in to work, a beach party and a themed potluck. We just sent out an e-mail “hold the date” thing for our big event: a summertime picnic!

I’m all for this sort of thing, I think it’s great to have a little social fun now and then and to get out and meet people from different places (but then again, that’s my ENTP showing) and to have a bit of fun before going back to the drudgery of work. I think it makes for happier employees if you can throw them a small appreciation party here and there. I guess one lady feels much differently because she sent this blistering reply back to everyone on the list AND cc’d the dean of the school. In so many words she said that it was offensive to her that she got a picnic instead of a pay raise [that I am sure she feels she is entitled to] and that she would much rather get the money that would have been spent on her portion as a salary bonus so she could maybe pay for PART of her electricity bills.

OK, can you say issues? The funny thing is that I know the approximate numbers and after a quick chat with my calculator I figured out that at most she would get a $60 bonus (which comes out to about $2.40 more a pay check over the course of a year) and that is figuring the numbers generously for the money we have spent on all four things we have done. I don’t think that she is going to really get ahead on a grand lump sum of 60 more dollars and she sure as hell aint going to even notice an extra 2 dollars more per paycheck. Plus, if the funds are not allocated to our committee what are the chances that extra $60 is going to end up in her pocket. Yeah, I can hear that snow ball sizzling too.

Me, I’d give up $60 a year for a chance to make the working environment a little less stressful with the occasional bout of fun. $60 is not going to make or break me. Then again I could be biased because I’m on the committee. Or maybe it’s because come November I will have a husband to pay all my bills for me so I don’t have to do a thing but sit and sip my tae. *blink blink* Heh, Crank Lady’s e-mail stirred up a whole pack of bees and e-mails have been flying around all over since. One lady told her to basically stuff it and get real about the money allocation to which Crank Lady said “Not everyone has a husband who pays all the bills”. MeeOW! Ffft! Ffft! Ffft! Methinks someone woke up way over on the wrong side of cranky today.

At least I am entertained. Heh, life is good today.

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