Mo-mo Mo-mo Monkey!

I stopped by Starbuck’s yesterday to procure a holy Cinnamon Spice Mocha and discovered this cute little guy at the cash register.

Monkey! And what was even better than Monkey! was that he was a cappuccino monkey. *squee*!

OK, I admit I misread the tag and that he’s actually a Capuchin monkey but oh so close. Can you blame me though? I mean, cappuchino…capuchin…at before coffee o’clock in the morning they are the same word AND I was in a coffee house. I was so certain. I’m also a little bummed because if they had a cappuccino monkey then it stands to reason that they would also have a latte monkey, a mocha monkey and maybe a macchiato monkey. MONKEYS!

Today I decided to get a CSM and also a monkey. Why? Because monkies love me.

It’s true.

I got the “Monkeys Love Me” button way back at Origins ’04 from the Thread Impressions people who were button pressing for the Eight Foot Llama people. I…have no idea but I was able to trade a Smithee button for a Monkey button and I’ve brought it to Origins every year thereafter. Of course I had no monkey to prove that they loved me so I bought this blue fella at the Eight Foot Llama booth and he hung around with me for the rest of the convention.

Have you seen my monkey, it’s blue.

TOWEL MONKEY! From the cruise!

The next year at Origins, the blue monkey stayed home but the button came with. Of course I had to get another monkey to ride around with me and so this fella hopped on the monkey love detail. He’s also a cappuccino monkey and much smaller than the blue monkey.

This monkey came from TheMan, I do believe, and was hanging around for the longest time on a dowel strung across the two bookshelves (before the great organization project of ought whatever) along with a velcro elephant. Then I reorganized, they lost their hanging stick and now the elephant hangs around the couch and this fella hangs around with sad frog. Although, I kinda like how he looks hanging around on the curtain rod. Hmmm!

Another cappucino monkey! And not only does he love the Outer Banks, but he screaches when you squish his belly. I think I might screech too. He came by the way of LunarGeography and Badmovie.

This fella is also a gift from Badmovie and LunarGeography. He’s got super stretchy arms and little mitten paws that you can tuck your finger into and then puuuuuuuuuuull his back feet until you get a good tension going. Then SPRRRROOOING! You can launch him across the room! (but do not aim at head or face, very important. Crotch seems to be fair game though) He makes a screaching noise when he hits stuff, which he does quite frequently because he’s a lot of fun to fling at people. His screach is the same noise as Outer Banks monkey but at a slightly higher pitch.

Magnet monkey, also a cappuccino monkey. How can you not have a magnet monkey? Here he is hanging out with magnet frog, keeping watch out our front door.

I don’t collect monkeys though, I think of it as more of a following. Because monkeys can go anywhere.

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  1. Amy Says:


    You really, really, really need to listen to the cd of TMBG b-sides that BadMovie and I gave you for your birthday.

    ’nuff said.

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