In Between, Easter Lingers

Wow, was that Easter weekend? I totally missed it.

TheMan has been a big ball of Smithee stress these past two weeks so Easter kinda crept up, by and past us before we really registered that it had done so. Things may have gone better if there hadn’t been some confusion about what the term “deadline” meant buuuuuut as usual we can’t have nice things. In the end, everything turned out more or less OK but gol almighty! When a project is due on a certain date, that date is not the time to start said project. Well, unless you are one of those people who get 36, 48, 60 hour days in which case, I suppose the deadline day would give you enough time to start, work on and finish said project. Sadly, we aren’t one of those people and not knowing what was going on with the show was causing all sorts of tension.

Saturday the show line up was hashed out, Sunday TheMan and Badmovie clipped their little hearts out and Monday I woke up and realized I hadn’t dyed eggs. Eh, I was in a foul mood yesterday so I would have been just a joy to be about so perhaps it was fortune smiling on all my friends and relatives. My Easter present to everyone else was that I stayed at home with my grumpy. You’re welcome.

I did get to doing the laundry yesterday, which was lurking about in mythic proportions because a certain cat decided to take up puking on the bed to show his displeasure at our having left them for a long weekend. Three winter blankets will bulk up a laundry pile something fierce (and it also makes a cat-mom cranky because I never discover said puke until it is well past my bed time and then Surprise! I hate changing the bed at 11pm). I was also feeling The Crank so I dabbled in a bit of Laundry napping in hopes of regaining some form of civility. Ahhhh, laundry napping. It can cure a variety of ills, The Crank being one of them. Plus, it’s like being lazy and responsible all at the same time.

Hrrrmmmm…OH! I learned something new about shopping. Last time I went out shopping hungry and cranky I came back with a cart full of booze, this time I went out hungry and tired and came back with a cart full of Japanese snack foods. Oh yes, you junkies. I have eats to last me well into June. Of course you may have noticed the lack of JSFRage for this past weekend, which I’d post date if there was anything to post date. Yeah, I’m just a little bit behind on that one but…ummm…I at least have something to review. That ought to count right? Ooo, if I count my JSFR spree then I have lots of somethings! Now to taste, write, snap a pic and post. Piece of cake. Or something. Focus on the upcoming tasties!!!!

And Warcraft should round the weekend out. We played it. Surprised? We played mostly the Horde and…ummm…it seems as if my alt character has outstripped my main character. Ahhhh oops. Sadly, I’m not very enthusiastic about firing up the gnome right now because I’m having a blast tooling about with the hunter. I’m also doing Battlegrounds like a mad thing trying to get my Battleground tokens for the super cool epic mount. I figure I either have between 10 and 18 more scenarios to go, depending on how many of them the Horde wins.

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