The Friday Five!

Heh. Hehheh. Hehhehheh. Hee. Ha. Ha. Hee ha heheheheh!

1. Would you consider yourself an organized person? Why or why not?

Oh good god no. Or maybe yes but only by necessity. I am an incredibly unorganized person who hates (hates hates HATES) to not be able to find something at a moments notice. So, in order to stay sane (relatively speaking) I tend to have a place for everything so I know where stuff is. Of course the other half of that doesn’t always hold true but you know, if something is not in its place it at least has a place to go to. Man, I hate junk that sort of wanders around homeless. You pick it up with the intent of putting it away, except it doesn’t have an away to go to so you just wind up tooling about with it aimlessly thinking “Hmmm…where should this go?” After a while of that, which is boring and fruitless, you just sort of put it somewhere else telling yourself you will find a home for it later. Then, a few weeks down the road you pick it up again and wander about and put it somewhere else. Then three weeks after that, you absolutely have to have whatever it is and you can’t find it because it has wandered about the house so many time you can’t quite remember where you last stashed it.

I lived with a guy who never got the whole “put it back after you are done with it” routine down. I’m not talking right away (unless it’s milk. Ew), I’m talking with in a couple days or so. I’d hate to be hypocritical. This roommate though would leave food everywhere. Food has a different rule. Food goes back the same day, or in the case of something packaged like crackers, with in a day or two because food everywhere is just creepy. Textbooks can loaf about for a week, peanut butter needs to be back in the cup board by the end of the evening or the next day. The dude never really got that so whenever I went to take stock of the groceries I’d find we had no peanut butter. Since I had noticed that there was no peanut butter the day before or the day before that, I would conclude we were out and I would buy another. We had an awful lot of peanut butter.

2. Do you keep some type of planner, organizer, calendar, etc. with you, and do you use it regularly?

Ummmm…no. That would imply I am actively organized. Active involves effort and we all know what a lazy couch fuck I am. Heh, I use TheMan’s deedelt (it’s one of those hand held info on everything doohickeys..PDAs? I can never remember what they are called, to me PDA is “Public Display of Affection” so it never seems right. I know they are not FDPs either (although remarkably similar save the game function) so I got to calling it a deedelt because it made this chirping deedelt-ing noise every time he opened it up) and have him keep track of all my important social engagements. Because, you know, I am such the jet setter.

At work I scribble all sorts of stuff on the calendar and I put meetings and such in the meeting organizer software we have but other than that, I’m totally dependant on my brain to remember stuff. Heh, heh heh heh heeeeee!

3. Would you say that your desk is organized right now?

Heee! These questions are killing me. OK, I really wish I had a digital cam ‘cuz I’d treat you all to a pic of my desk. I’ll try to describe it to you and you can judge for yourself what my method of organization is. So, going left to right the upper left corner is pretty clear save the gigantic dust bunnies that have colonized the space behind my monitor. It sits in that corner of the desk but cant tuck fully into it so there is a good section of unused space behind it. Occasionally the sand octopus who lives on top of the monitor will slide down into that space but he seems to be right where he belongs at the moment. Next along the left edge are a stack of papers that are waiting for something. Oh, that’s where I put my personal papers to take home, which I haven’t done. I have a sheet for the thing I might be consulting on (haven’t heard about that lately), a card from a florist, instructions for proctoring special exams – hey, I don’t need that anymore – a picture of my wedding dress, a print from the internet of a jambalaya recipe, wedding stuff about brides maid’s responsibilities, a birthday card (still in the brown bag. No idea who it was for but I suppose it could be destined for anyone really) an empty box of mints and a clipping from the paper about my KFu instructor. Lastly, my phone sits just on the very lower left hand corner so that its cord gets caught in my drawers (of the desk, not my pants) all the time. The only other place for it would be on the floor so I have to live with drippy tangle cord. On the plus side, every now and then the drawers will grab the cord and send the phone flying which is always good for a brief burst of excitement.

Since my monitor sits at a jaunty 45 degree angle it takes up a lot of space in that upper corner there. It seems I have a tape measure under one end of the screen and tucked behind the right side and close to the top of my desk is the pen, pencil, marker holder. It’s kinda hard to get to but I never keep my working pens in there anyway so whatever. I can peek around the monitor to fish out a sharpie once every week or so. Directly in front of the monitor is the mouse pad (yes, left handed. The way my desk is set up all the computer related still is at this weird angle and I was getting owwie twinges working the mouse right handed so I moved it. I am ambi-mouseterous!) and the keyboard sits next to it, sort of in the middle of the desk. On top of the monitor is the sand octopus in the center guarding a fun sized Snickers bar that I stole and he is flanked by the camo-frog and the bead lizard. I have post-its stuck all over every non screen space of the front of the monitor. It looks like an electronic lion.

Next to the pencil holder thing is the automatic stapler. I love that thing. It’ll staple your fingers together if you are not careful (and if you had really flat fingers). KA-CHUNK! My monitor does this weird little screen jiggle every time I staple anything and I swear you can hear the thing three offices down. Heh! Oh, I seem to have a post-it on the stapler as well. Hmmm, must have run out of room on the monitor. In front of the pencil holder is a box of paper clips and a plastic knife. The paper clips belong there but I think the knife just hasn’t been put back yet. There are also two pads of tiny post-its and a napkin lurking about making nice with the stapler. My tape dispenser normally sits snug up against the stapler so all three things (pencil holder, stapler and tape dispenser) are all lined up but I had it out for a stroll the other day and it hasn’t quite found its way back to where it goes. Its close though.

Above the keyboard and inconveniently between me and the stapler is where my mugs sit. I have two. It saves me from having to go back and get more water every three seconds and above the keyboard is a much safer place for a bunch of liquid than beside the keyboard. At least for the workings of the keyboard. I have two state quarters (Connecticut and Virginia) that are sitting on top of the function buttons which is down from the 11 I had a while back. For some reason I had this whole collection of Connecticut quarters that people gave me in change hanging about my keyboard. I called it my orchard.

That’s just half of my desk. The other half gets even more cluttered starting with the designated scribble paper zone where post-its are supposed to be along with a few pads of scratch paper. Rubber bands hang around here too because I can’t seem to be bothered to put them in the cup I swiped from the break room for the purpose of corralling the things. I can’t seem to find the cup either. That’s alright, I enjoy flinging them in the general vicinity of where the cup used to be and when they bother me enough I’ll go on a rubber band hunt and round them up. In the upper right most corner, other than a scad of rubber bands, I keep two disc boxes for stuff on disc and blank discs. My calculator sits on one of them. I also have a bottle of hand cream that would normally sit against the far right wall but I have a microfiche reader that has taken up residence on the right half of my desk so the hand cream has moved to the upper middle of the desk. Hey! Look at that! I just found the rubber band cup totally obscured behind the fiche reader. Welcome back cup.

Lastly, and I know you are all asleep now, I have a ruler that has nested under the fiche reader and my working pen is currently just below the keyboard. Oh, and I have a fork and a staple grabby here by my right hand. At least I know where every thing is no? I conclude that my desk is organized after a fashion. Is too!

4. Do you alphabetize CDs, books, and DVDs, or does it not matter?

Oh it matters. I’m really anal about that and all my CDs, DVDs and books are organized by author and release date (if it’s multiple author’s works or a series). Why? One simple reason: I hate the feeling of loosing my mind. I think I wrote in my blog a while back about missing stuff and had a whole thing about not finding a DVD I thought I had. It turns out that I had filed it very much completely wrong (like putting “A Bug’s Life” under “P” because the title on the DVD reads “Pixar’s A Bug’s Life”. Sometimes I get a little blooo in the head when I am filing while distracted). It took me about three days to find it and all the while I was muttering to myself “I know I had that. Right? Sure! Maybe? Of course I did. Wait, did I only think I had it? Was that the day I went to Best Buy and was going to get it but they had sold out of it? No I got it. I think.” Everything in it’s place to keep me sane!

5. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to organize?

Lets see, that would be just about anything. Heh! Well, the biggest I think has got to be this wedding thing, which TheMan and I are in the middle of doing. Is it hard? Well, it’s a lot of work but there is enough material out there and friends to call on that we can fall back and ask as many questions as we need to and get helpful answers. There are just a whole lot of details to keep in order and a great potential for one or more of them slither through the cracks if we don’t watch them carefully. Details love to slither.

Oh oh oh! I got it! Pizza orders for the former gaming group I was in. It took at last an hour before the guys could decide on two pizzas. It used to drive me so nuts that I would start gathering a list of things people wouldn’t eat and then building the order from the ingredients leftover. I also kept the orders written down for the next time so we could just call and get the damn pizzas.

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