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Alright already! I keep thinking to myself “Oooo, I should talk about X thing in the blog” and then I totally forget. So! Today is random sum up day. Of doom.

Hokay! Lemmie see. Ah! Right. The Clear the Crap Initiative is on hiatus for the month of April. Eh, I had three solid months (or at least I remember it that way…wasn’t this one of my New Year’s intensions?) of tidying up so I decided to be a little lax about the whole deal. There were a few days in there where it was 11:30 or so at night and I’d be getting ready for bed and then…oh zut! (check me out: French!) I hadn’t done my one tidy for the day! 11:30 cleaning sucks and April is too full of Smithees to be running around in the dead of night finding homes for wayward crap. So I’m not. Unless I feel like it, then I am, but over all I’m taking April off.

I’m still keeping up on my reading however. Apparently 11:30 cleaning sucks but 11:30 reading is fine in my book. Heh. My book. I slay me! Anyway, I’ve read eight books so far and am digging in to the ninth. I’m ahead of schedule, go me! I bought Patricia Briggs’ first Mercedes Thompson book (she gave us a signed copy of the second one at ConBust and I thought I really ought to read it, but also that I ought to read the first one first, which I didn’t have at the time) and tore through that and the second one in about four days. Good stuff Maynard. I also picked up book one of Lynn Flewelling’s Tamir Triad, which I’m currently strolling through. So far (a couple chapters in) it’s a pleasant read that is keeping my interest and making me come back to see what will be happening next. Not a glowing endorsement yet, but I’m only maybe 50 pages in? The story is still taxiing down the runway, so to speak. Come back when I have reached cruising altitude and I’ll probably have a lot more to say about it.

SMITHEES! No Smithee puppets have yet been touched (I’m sort of not sure where my puppet bases have gotten off to, actually) but tonight we begin! It should be fairly simple to assemble them this year since there will be no sewing or stuffing or tea staining of anything. Felt, scissors, hot glue, and googly eyes is all that we’ll need for the give away puppets. Huzzah for simple! I don’t have any buttons pressed, although I do have quotes and ninjas cut out. OH! I need to remind TheMan to print me up a couple dozen A2 Smithee can buttons. AND! I need to create a SLM button. Wow, I need to get on with the busy it looks like.

Work has been a little crazy lately because the new furniture is scheduled for delivery next week, which means that suddenly we have to have a “plan” for the rearrangement of my office. And also, I’m losing my work table. And the printer cart. And my cube/desk. I will be gaining a third work station though. Pretty much, anything that is in the office is either being taken away or moved so it all has to be cleaned off or out. I’m a little sad to be losing my cube because I got infinite amusement by having a cube and an office pretty much to myself. Buuuut the panel hung desk is atrociously impractical for figuring space layout as it can only go on one wall. I’m going to be gaining a nice free standing desk that can go pretty much anywhere (like a Monkey!) so I can finally (!!!) put my work station facing the copy bastards. Time to turn the ogling tables!

After posting about the monkeys, TheMan pointed out that I forgot the two fez monkey finger puppets, poo monkey finger puppet, and the two sock monkeys. Maybe I do have a collection of them.

It’s too cold to talk about planting stuff and this makes me cranky. I wanna start with the gardening! Also, I got a present from Mr. Paul’s dad** the other day (via my Mumses who was out and about and around) of a lovely potted bunch of tulips that are sitting on our kitchen counter rather than happy in a bulb garden. April in Michigan sucks. Mumses left them on the side porch where I thought they would look lovely until I could transplant them into my bulb garden, which I have yet to dig out. Then the temperature went from a balmy, bulb happy 60 degrees to a pot freezy-solid 20 degrees. Poor tulips! I hustled them inside when we came home after work and they seem none the worse for the wear. I hadn’t particularly envisioned my bulb garden and the bread maker sharing the same space though.

OK, I’m on page two and should probably get going. Laters all.

**How cute is that? Mr. Paul’s dad planted four pots last fall: One his household, one for Mumses and Mr. Paul, one for Sis and one for me. Awwww!

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