A Whole Lot of Meh Going On

My lawn is taking over, the kitties act as red shirts and salads.



That’s about as much oomph as I can muster today. It’s been hailing/raining/drizzling/getting ready to drizzle/just finishing drizzling and gusting up a storm (heh, literally!) around these parts for almost going on a week it seems. I think there was about 3 hours on Friday where it was nice, then there was an hour or two Saturday that looked promising and maybe Tuesday had some pleasant weather. Other than that, it’s been pretty much some sort of ick falling from the sky (or blowing sideways) whenever you turn around. The grass is loving it, the neighbors are probably ready to get the city council to declare our lawn a national jungle. The edge grass is mocking our inability to mow and has shot up at least eight inches high. The bastards think that we can’t cut them down but I have two words for them: Weed whacker! Brrrrrrrt!

We have violets too, growing all over the place which is pretty cool and purple (yay purple). It rocks the lawn I tell you, with all them happy purple flower things poking up out of the grass. Yay violets. Not so yay on the violets growing in the driveway cracks however, I’m going to have to do some evicting one of these days, when it’s not raining. Heh, yeah. I’m also not so fond of the treelets that have sprung up overnight in the lawn. I took a peek outside the window Thursday or Friday and I noticed that there were a small crop of them under the big maple tree so I thought that I’d go give the twentyish seedlings a good uprooting to get them gone. The next day I took a look out and there were a bazillion more all romping in the grass. Overnight! It’s like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Stupid treelets.

This weekend was an exercise in laziness. We did not see the dawn of either day (save from the back side) and there was a whole lot of not a lot going on. We had dinner with Mumses, Mr. Paul, Sis and hubby on Friday which was, as always, tasty! Sis and hubby are a gas (very much so in some cases – pull my finger!) and we got to talking and got the giggles. It was one of those moments where you really had to be there but I’m going to anyway because it is still making me laugh and it’s my blog. So Mumses had announced that she made tater salad, and my mumses is one awesome tater salad maker I’ll have you know, so my sis and I say at the same time “For what occasion?” See, mumses, although one hella cook, tends to do cooking by what needs to be used up in the fridge. So while the soup is new, the ham had been sitting in the fridge giving everyone the hairy eyeball every time the door was open so it had to go. She was all out of sorts about our questioning her cooking methods and even more so when we went through the ingredients of the salad to see when all the items really needed to be thrown out. That lead to talking about a baseline for potato salad (so you can check the new salad against the salad standard I suppose) and then my sis started up with this samba beat ‘Boomp-boomp-boomp. PoTAAAAAto salad. Boomp-boomp-boomp. PoTAAAAAto salad.’ and that is when we lost our shit. We couldn’t stop laughing and singing the potato salad bass line even though my mumses was getting all pissed off about it. Heh, ‘boomp-boomp-boomp. PoTAAAAAto salad.’

See? It’s not even funny and I’m still smiling about it. You can conga to the potato salad bass line. Saturday we had plans with DQ for the evening and I’ll be damned if I can figure out what we did before going over to her house at 5ish. That may have been the day that we sort of got up and read some, then I snuggled back in bed for a doze while TheMan finished his book. Could be. DQ makes some mean sushi and mixes up some soul cleansing wasabi. Yow. She had tuna salad rolls, which I was sorta meh on, but I loved the addition of mustard to tuna salad. Hows come no one ever told me about that? I’ll throw in some horseradish sure, but mustard? Damn, that’s tasty! Not so much in a sushi roll though but on its own I’ll bet it makes a mean sammich. She also found fish cakes which I have never had. Also much tasty like. Of course there was the standard K-crab, avocado and cuke which is always good. We then watched two Smithee contender flicks starring Dragon Lei: Red Dragon on Fire and Golden Dragon, Silver Snake. Heh, yeah…Dragon Lei. They were every bit as good as they sounded. One of them was so incomprehensible as to what was going on that I’m still not sure why it ended like it did. I think basically the bad guy lost and that was the point. The second one still had the audio track for the scene markers in it. Heh, whoops.

Sunday was the ultimate day of laziness. We didn’t even get up for church. Of course that was mostly due to a tree that was dancing on the power lines all day causing the power to cut out at least once an hour. The wind probably knocked it over onto the lines early in the morning as we slept right through the time the alarm was set for (which was not 12:00…12:00…12:00) and woke up sometime around one to discover that we had had an outage. Then, as the day progressed, we realized we were still having intermittent outages which made doing anything electrical difficult and annoying. So, we up and went to someplace else that had reliable power and got some chows and caught a flick. Live a little I say! Heh. We wound up at the second X-Men movie and it was darn fine sawEEET. Nightcrawler is very cool and a berserker Wolvie is always a good show and continuous power is a definite plus (although I wouldn’t have minded the power going out during the bazillion commercials before the bazillion previews). I’m adding the X2 DVD to the wish list.

However, that wasn’t the highlight of the evening. Oh no. Sometime around 10ish we got a call from a friend who told us that a chemical spill near us had just happened. Try about four blocks south and three blocks west. They were advising all residents to the north of X road and to the East of Y road to STAY INDOORS! SHUT OFF ALL AIR CLIMATE DEVICES! GO TO THE TOP FLOOR OF YOUR BUILDING! but, they never said how far away from X,Y streets the alert was in effect. Were we safe? Were we in the danger zone? TheMan thought we were far enough away but seeings as they weren’t even telling us what leaked or how badly, we couldn’t know for sure. We thought about going to the top floor but that would have involved packing up the kitties and their kitty box, putting the futon mattress down (and putting all my clothes that have taken up residence on said mattress somewhere. I need a dresser up there) and trying to get some decent sleep on an unfamiliar bed with two bazoo cats dancing on our heads. Wasn’t going to happen easily, so we decided to corral at least one of the cats to act as our canary. We figured their lungs were tinier so they would be affected first and when the cat went down, we would move upstairs. The “I” was all for it and he stayed with us the entire night (good kitty!) while the Little Kitty shunned the whole idea and slept out in the living room. See who gets love and scritchies from here on out. Hrrrmph. Anyway, so I kept waking up in the middle of the night and reaching over to scritch the cat and see if he was still breathing, which he was every time, and the cat kept getting woken up for some cat love and attention, which he was all about. It was a mutual arrangement I think although we may start calling him Budgie from now on.

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