Better By The

Oi! I almost forgot! It was somebody’s birthday today.

So the Little Kitty turns twelve this year. Yikes! Twelve. Wasn’t it only yesterday that I was lamenting the Weirdoes turning eleven? Yeah, yeah and next year they will both be a baker’s dozen. Why does time go so fast?

Little Kitty doesn’t seem to mind though. She spent a good deal of the day, I’m sure, snoozing in the cat bed. Maybe changing local to snoozing on the bed spread. She might have even gotten off the bed to snooze on her favorite chair, but that would be effort. Seriously, that cat can snooze.

She can also be a royal pain in the tuckus when she wants her some pettins. Lately, as in the past year I guess, she will come up and stand by you and await scritchies. If scritchies do not appear in a reasonably short time, she will reach a paw out and tap tap you gently on the arm/back/head whatever she is sitting near. Just in case you forgot that there might be a warm, furry, tickly-ass cat sitting next to you. Then when you look over to see what is up with her ever so delicate paw poke (for she really is very dainty about the pawing, save when she is trying to get at my head under the pillows) she twists her head around in that way she has, scrintches up her face with effort and…”meh”.

Can cats get a doctorate in cute? Because damn!

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