The Worms Crawl In

Some things and stuff and probably a weekend review in there. Maybe.

We’ve had our little pot of tulips (which isn’t really that little…I think they are in a gallon and a half bucket or a two gallon bucket. Something like that) sitting happily next to the bread maker for the past couple of days because it’s too cold outside for them to survive. Apparently, it’s too dark inside for them to be really happy so TheMan moved them onto a stove burner and kept the kitchen sink light on for them.

No, this isn’t going where you think it might be going despite the ironic comedy of placing a bucket o’ tulips on a burner. It really should though because if you are going to put something on a burner, you have to expect that someone somewhere is going to turn on the wrong burner and yeowtch! Hot thing. That’s why I only put stuff on burners that can withstand some burning, like a tea kettle or a pot. One that isn’t made of plastic and full of dirt and bulbs.

Anyway, today it was warm enough (and we were tired of negotiating the tulips, for as lovely as they are…and they are very much so…having them live on the stove isn’t exactly ideal) that TheMan and I decided to boot the tulips outside in the warm(ish) and sun. So I grabbed up the pot o’ tulips and lovingly set them on the front porch where I could stand back and admire them. Which I did, only to see a big old fat earthworm fling himself from the pot and make a bid for freedom. FazzzzING – scootcha-scootcha-scootcha. I’m not sure where he thought he might be going, but both TheMan and I looked at each other all “ewwwwwwwwww” as the worm was worming it all 100 meter dash across our porch. He coulda come busting out of the tulip pot at any time when the pot was snuggling with the bread maker or lounging on the stove. EWWWWWWW!

Not that I mind earthworms, I think they are pretty cool actually, but I do mind earthworms crispy on my burners. Narst.

As far as the weekend, well…WoW. The Game. Natch. We also watched the Smithee show all the way through and discovered a whoops that isn’t so today TheMan is going to sub out another whoops and then THEN the show will be complete. Did I say we finished the puppets? I’m not sure and too lazy to look it up but we did. Huzzah! All of them. Even the ones for Origins. DQ wrocks a glue gun yo. Me? Well I managed not to get any third degree burns on my person. I consider that an evening well spent!

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