Japanese Snack Food Review: Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (unsalted)

And at last, I’ve managed to get a hold of the final flavor of Kame Rice Crunch Cracker to round the Rice Crunch Cracker family out. That means wasabi, sesame, plain, cheese, onion, and seaweed can all hang out virtually at the JSFR with Unsalted in a Snack Crunch Cracker family reunion.

Except…if Unsalted happened to not get an invitation because it got “lost” in the mail, I don’t think anybody would really mind. Sesame, Wasabi and Onion (particularly Onion) were all very tasty indeed. I was trepidatious about Plain but they turned out tastier than I expected and Cheese, although not very cheesy, were at least ho hummishly OK (better as a vehicle for tuna salad) but Unsalted. Yeah.

I’ll give Unsalted kudos for crunch and…ummm…well that’s about it, really. Even the nice ricey isn’t very for Unsalted. The rest of the RCC family had a surprisingly enjoyable riceyness but Unsalted’s ricey tastes like I thought the whole line was going to taste like. Mainly somewhere between cardboard and manila envelope with enough characteristic ricey to let you know that it was neither. And it will let you know for quite a while afterwards with a lingering after-rice. Personally, I’d go with the manila envelope.

I even gave them the last bastion benefit of the doubt and tried them as tuna salad hosts (heh, not THAT kind of host, those would have been tastier). My tuna salad usually has a kick to it too because I love me a good dollop of horseradish added to the mix but even that wasn’t enough to bolster the Unsalted. Every time I took a bite of tuna laden cracker I thought, “Mmmm, tuna and horserad-my that cracker is STILL bland, isn’t it?” Folks, that was tuna, Miracle Whip and a healthy dose of horseradish and still the Unsalted made the whole kit and caboodle kinda meh. That’s some power of bland to negate the deliciousness and flavorful combination of three not so bland food items. I’m almost in awe. Still, any of the other RCC are far superior to Unsalted and seriously, go with the Plain if you are looking for something a little less flavored. If you are worried about the salt, the Wasabi had none so I would go that way. I think Unsalted are edible but not really enjoyable and absolutely replaceable by any other RCC family member so let’s give them a disappointed

rating of 1.5 wasabi peas out of 5.

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