Origami 101

If I can find the paper, I can fold cranes!

Not only that, but I can fold one crane in 4 minutes. Last night, I folded 21 cranes while playing around with NeoPets, because what else are you going to do while waiting for the pyramids game to refresh on a dial up connection? Incidentally the bottom left side of a power book makes an excellent flat folding surface and you don’t run the risk of squishing a disc (like, say, Diablo II) that may permanently live in your lap top. Not that I started out doing any such thing for the first four Of course not. So my 21 cranes, which is one of every color in my block of paper plus the extra that I accidentally pulled out, are all happily sitting in a box that will be marked “cranes” awaiting the wedding and dispersal onto the tables. TheMan looked at my box-o-cranes and asked if there were officially a “salute” of them. Heh, funny and butt-esque all in one package. I knew there were other reasons that I said “yes!”.

DQ is working on folding the harder to fold stuff because she is the folding wizard, a veritable a boon of origaminess. She has this sawEEET looking elephant she did up as a mock critter just to get the lay of the origami elephant land. Damn! If only I could just whip out a critter “Just to get the lay of the land” and have it look as good as her trial elephant did. Last time I tried that my critter came out looking like a pissed off beaver. It was supposed to be a goldfish. DQ is the official wedding origami guru, I’m just the grunt folder.

I am getting on making some pretty mean lookin’ birds tho. WhooooPAH. I went out to lunch with Alessar with the sole purpose of grabbing another brick of origami paper (and walkies as an incidental) and the bastards did not have it. I wouldn’t ordinarily be so harsh but the past three times I have been in they haven’t had the brick of six inch paper and it’s beginning to make me cranky. I did pick up a three and two inch brick to play with. They are too small for cranes but I think some of the simpler folds might work, especially the bugs. TheMan took a liking to the cicada pattern but I just can’t see a festive table with these giant paper bugs that are bigger than the cranes and twice the elephant’s size. I can hear the Great Aunts now, whispering to each other over cake “Oh, look at the darling paper animals…there is a frog and an elephant and a bird and oh my, what is that? Is that a giant bug?”

Now inch and a half bugs I can do. I folded a cicada out of the three inch paper and it turned out the cutest lemon yellow bug you ever saw. Awwwww. And they wont look so bizarrely out of scale with the other critters. The Great Aunts still might have a thing or two to say about bugs at the table but at least they will be cute harmless buglet bugs. Or something.

As you can see, wedding stuffs are in the air. TheMan and I went to Michaels last night to get a brick of origami paper, which they did not have either (Bastards! Who locally has origami paper? Where do origami junkies go to get their fix around these parts? Man!), when on the way we passed stamps. At this same moment, TheMan got a wild creative hair up his butt and started chucking these really cool leaf stamps into the basket. Mind you, he didn’t share the master idea with me right then and there but did included me in on some creative decision making:

“Hey babe! Look, leaf stamps! Cool, what do you think of this one?”
“It’s pretty neat.”
“Great!” [chuck the stamp into the basket]
“Why are we getting them?”
“To stamp stuff.”
“What stuff?”
“Wedding stuff.”

It’s so much clearer now, you know, because of our wedding leaf theme. After a conversation that lasted most of the store I finally figured out what he was going on about: Stamping the invitations with leaf stamps to tie in the whole fall leaf thing we got going. Ohhhhhh! OK then, THAT is a pretty damn cool idea. We are also going to use the stamp to stamp the favors box tops which should be festive and DQ offered her vast supply of cool ink stuff to ink the stamps with so this should turn out to be pretty wicked. That is if I can get the stamp to lay right and not smear all over the place. I’m really good at smear.

Other than stamps and no origami paper, we bought two different styles of floaty bowl to eyeball out my centerpiece ideas. I have the bowls, a plethora of cranes (and one bug!), and the fabric for the centerpieces (which has been washed and subsequently wrinkled beyond all ironing hope I think) so the great centerpiece assembly marathon is gearing up. I hope to have a mock up done sometime just to see if my idea works or looks completely lame. It would be good to know before the wedding whether my vision has any merit or not. Well, I have six more cranes to fold today so I’ll leave off here.

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