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I was going to call this “First Post!!11!!” but technichnically that honor would go to the Smithee post (which is sorta weirdly fitting I think). The JSFR was all set in prepost back on the old server so it doesn’t count. And I couldn’t really be all first post-y for the Smithee write up ‘cuz…errrr…’cuz it didn’t fit. Yeah. So today is the first real post I guess. Or something. Moving On!

So! Here I am writing in my new shiny! and I have to say ARRRRRRGHHHH about that. I guess the new shiny! has an updated version of WordPress and it’s driving me nuts! I want my old, simple, WordPress back. Wah. Not this “view” mode and “code” mode. It took me about 14 days to figure out how to code in a link for the “about” page because apparently, you can’t use the view mode when you is typing all l337 l1k3. Also, it seems like you can’t change from “view” to “code” when you want to and they did something or other with my buttons so I can’t find them and AAAAAAAAARRRRGHH!

My great office rearrangement of ought seven didn’t go as swimmingly as it should have, although I got more out of it that most of the people. I guess the new desk guys forgot to ship an essential part with all the desks (some screw, a leg, whatever. Something that makes a desk a desk and not a pile of components) so the new desks couldn’t be assembled. Which meant that those of us who were getting desk-me-downs didn’t which meant the day was pretty much a waste. I, on the other hand, was able to have my entire office moved around into the proposed new arrangement since my old desk and my new (old) desk have the same dimensions and one of my tables is a table we kidnapped from a department that wasn’t using it any longer. HUZZAH!

On the down side, I am a little freaked out by having my panel hung desk butted up against the window wall. It’ll only be here for another couple of weeks (while they…make the missing parts for the new desks from scratch???) but I hadn’t anticipated how thoroughly the panels block off my copy bastard ogling opportunities. Unless I do some serious desk chair gyrations, I can’t see the people in there moving around making copies and whatnot. I can hear them though. It’s like having mice! Giant book copying mice.

GARDEN! My bulbs of uncertain lineage have come up and they are daffodils. I picked a good handful of them (and a spider!) for a retirement party we had today and yow are they stinky. The flowers, not the spider. I evicted the spider shortly after I discovered him (but not before I had the whole bunch inside) but that would have made for an interesting retirement surprise no?

I should get some of those planter whatsit things for my seeds and get them started. Spring is definitely here and I think quite a lot of my garden survived. Huzzah! Again!

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