Five Danish Rings

Christmas comes early to booniverse and everyone is happy (and stuffed with good food)

Today was Christmas at the Mumses and Mr. Paul’s. We got there at 2 for Christmas brunch for which the preparations were already in progress. TheMan and I brought a “Danish Kringle”, or crack in a puff pastry circle (yummmm) while Mr. Paul made fried ham, eggs and hash browns. Somewhere around 4 the meal was finally ready and we all learned one thing: ignore the instructions on the frozen hash browns. I guess in some parts of the world they deep fry them. BLECH!

The best part about Christmas this year was the from-tos. Mine from mumses and Mr. Paul all said From mom and “dad” Is that just great or what? I was all sorts of happy inside. Everyone loved their presents and we all went home happy and full of various food goodies. I love Christmas.

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