Yup, a whole lot of little blerbits flying through my head today and you are the lucky reader who gets to make sense of them all. I just wanna say, they don’t even make sense to me. You are warned!

I made the worlds UGLIEST origami frog last night. I guess I got all swelled in the head since my cranes are coming along just smashingly (41 is the current count incase, you know, you gave a rip) and I fold a cicada like nobody’s business (21 for the count). I am the shit when it comes to folding bugs I tell ya. Of course cicadas are one of the simplest folds known to origami but still, mine have a certain flare to them that makes them the hottest thing since sliced toast. OK, bugs and sliced toast should never occupy the same sentence, that’s just wrong. Yeah. So considering my success with bugs and birds I decided to stretch my folding legs and tackle the frog.

A picture is worth a thousand words but seeings as I already have promised pictures for previous entries (which I am working on getting up. No really!) don’t hold your breath for a snap of señor frog. You will have to just exercise that brain in your melon and use some imagination. What should be more or less a frog like shape sorta looks like a cross between a Babylon 5 shadow ship in serious distress and a blimp with these tiny Tyrannosaurus Rex arms and legs. Uuuuuuuglie. I have affectionately dubbed it Frog Zombie. The best part (or the worst part…you decide) is that when you are done folding Mssr. Frog you blow in it’s butt to inflate him. Yeah, bugs, sliced bread and now blowing in frog butts. You know, I just wanna see what sort of hits I get with that, considering talking about Poo Monkey got me a number one slot on google. There are some weird people out there and you all know who I’m talking to, Mr. or Mrs. Blowing frog butt fetishes.

Herr Frog is orange, more or less, and about three inches big. He thanks you for your interest and hopes you have a great day. With toast. No bugs.

Alright, how come MS word never inserts international symbols when I follow their stupid key codes? If you need an umlauted o, you have to hit control+shift+colon+the letter. HOW do people work like this in languages where these things come up all the time? I just had to hunt for that tilded N that occurs in every other Spanish word (it seems) and of course the finger twister combo did not work. When I went looking for it in the insert pop up it took me three minutes to find the damn thing. Did they put it by the other Ns? NO! THAT would make sense. In fact, do they organize the symbols into “everything you can do with an ‘a’ followed by everything you can do with a ‘b'” and so forth? Why, NO! N tilde is right next to funky O with a carrot and a circumflexie looking thing. Is that Spanish at all? I have never seen that particular character in print. Have I said how much I hate Microsoft word?

Microsoft word, not toast. Even with bugs.

For those of you dying to know how the tea experiment is coming along this is the official cancellation notice. The seeds never sprouted and the mold has taken over so I’m calling it a failed experiment and ditching it. Maybe I’ll get my own tea seeds, maybe not but I should get a plant of some sort in here. Oooo! I can get a chia thing! Heh, I have always wanted a chia thing. The trouble is that there are so many different great styles of chia to choose from (chia-font, chia-head, chia-sheep) and I don’t really need two or three chia things so I never picked one up. I drooled over them lots though. Mmmmm, chia-head.

Lastly; driving. I don’t know what’s gotten into our town but the butts are coming out of the woodwork. So much so that TheMan has had to make up new and innovative hexes for Beanie Death because the standard few are getting a little ragged around the edges from over use. You know, I think it’s time for Beanie Death to start up with impromptu haiku cursing. Heh, I’ll suggest it for the ride home.

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