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Hi ho! I just finished up re-pointing all of January’s “last year” links to the correct place. Yeah, I did that once already but apparently, when we switched hosts the links didn’t. Oddly enough…I got the same stats as I did the first time. Huh!

I also discovered that Safari cares not that WordPress was updated and still shows me the happy easy to work with blog makin’ page. Firefox is not as congenial but at least you can move from view to code (where I link in the “last year” links) without having a hissy fit. Mozilla? Not so much. I may have to make Firefox my work browser of choice.

Shuuuuuuut! UP!

Last Techy post said that I was working on a cast page. Guess what? It’s DONE! Or at least as done as I think it should be until I forget that someone was left off it. Go take a look see. I am particularly amused that I mention Warcraft and Gaming in mumses cast blurb. Heh. Now all I have to do to make my sidebar complete is to create a “Dictionary of boo” and things will be complete. Oh, and do up the “How to fold an origami frog” instructions but focus on the cast page!

Least you think that is all the news, I also relinked all of February’s “Last year” links to reflect where the blog lives currently. I did it a little bit differently this time around and copied the 2003 link, then linking it into 2004’s entry, then 2005’s entry, 2006’s entry and finally 2007’s entry. Then back to pick up 2004 to link to stuff into 2005, 06 and 07 and so on and so forth. I’m not sure if that method is more or less painful than pasting the links all into Word and then finishing off one entire day at a time (for instance, being able to get all of 2006 linked in at once, instead of visiting it several times with 2003’s link, then 2004’s link and finally 2005’s link). Either way takes a lot of lot of clicking, CTL C-ing and then CTL V-ing.

Incase you were curious, this is the scoop on February:

  • There is only one day in February which I posted absolutely nothing for 5 straight years running. (The 22nd, if you were curious).
  • There were no days in all of February in which I blogged just once.
  • The number of February days that have 2 posts is 7
  • The number of February days that have 3 posts is 9
  • The number of February days that have 4 posts is 6
  • There were five dates in February where I blogged every single day in the five years of the booniverse: 6th, 12th, 13th, 14th, and 27th
  • There are 90 posts in five year’s worth of February which is, *mathmathmath*, a 64% posting rate or (more*mathmathmath*) 4.5 posts a week.
  • There was one leap year in this five year snapshot and I didn’t blog that day. I decided not to count it in with “days in which I did not blog at all over the cource of 5 years because 2004 was the only year to get a crack at it. And it failed to do so. I’m very disappointed in you, 2004. I did count leap day in the overall statistics though.


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