The Friday Five (4/27/07)

I thought I’d do a little Friday Fivin since I haven’t for, like, EV!er!. And because…ummm…I felt sorry for the poor abandoned tag, sitting there watching all the Personal Blathers and SAST!s and even some Thoughts and Stories get posts while it sits on the bench not getting picked. Again. Heck, even the JSFR gets a weekely thing. So! Here’s a New! Shiny! Friday Five (that I made up!) for the New! SHiny! booniverse.

Five things that make me cranky(ier)

1. Inconsiderate Drivers: I hate drivers that just have to be ahead of everything. Like the ones that go through on yellow and sometimes red lights because…maybe they couldn’t stop when the light turned yellow for them a couple blocks back? Or how about those drivers who will roll through a stop sign just so they don’t have to come to a complete stop and wait for a pedestrian? HATE! And lastly, there are the drivers who won’t merge from a disappearing lane until the very last moment despite miles and MILES of warning to get their entitled selves over. If the rest of us can follow simple directions and get over into the lane that isn’t going anywhere, zip ahead cutters can do that too. Let the schmucks wait since they brought it upon themselves to get all stranded when they ignored several miles of “Get on over” signs. But nooOOOooooo. Some stupid bleeding heart cheese nut always, always, ALWAYS takes pity on them and “lets the poor dears in”. GAH!

2. Down time with nothing to do: Oh, I like to be lazy but I’d rather have a life where there were lots of not so strenuous things to do with the occasional hour or so of complete slackery than a life where there is a whole lot of nothing to do. Time does this weird dilation thing for me if I have a whole bunch of zilch to fill my day so that the minutes drag on for hours on end. Oddly, this only really happens at work when I’d much rather the day get on with its getting on business.

3. Not enough hours in the day: I’d really like to figure out how to be able to have about an hour of goof off time after I get home from work, followed by dinner prep and eating time, throw in a little chore time and still have enough time left over to watch a couple hours of TV or work on a project or play Warcraft without it being 1 or 2 in the morning.

4. Wet socks: Yuck.

5. Cats: Yes, they are on my annoyance list this week. There has been a movement afoot wherein the cats bounce all over the damn place when I’m trying to get to sleep. Little runts do nothing but sleep in the same place all day but when *I* want to turn in for the night? It’s like suddenly the bed has become a moonwalk and the weirdoes are two five year olds revved up on sugar with a fist full of ride tickets.

Five things that make me happy

1. Hot Chocolate: I don’t know why, but lately hot chocolate has really put a smile on my face. Maybe it’s because we still have the packets of fun and tasty hot chocolates from Sam’s club. Mmmm, mint hot chocolate.

2. The Pathetic Little Kitty: When she’s not bouncing on my head at all hours of the night, she’s been beggin for pettins in the cutest of ways. Usually while we are playing Warcraft, she will come up to me from the side and ever so lightly pat-pat my leg. Which I ignore because that leads to more strident pat-pating, which leads to the most pathetic “meh” she can muster. I live for the “meh”. She has also done the pat-pat for both TheMan and me when we are on the couches boogering around (and not patting the kitty). This morning she one upped the pat-pat ante and sprawled out over my jeans “puttin on a show”. I guess she figured I was either going to pet her or have to go in pantsless.

3. Rain for sleeping to: Mmmm, ain’t nothing like burrowing under the covers and drifting off to the pitter patter of rain. Snuggly.

4. PLANTS!: I finally planted some seeds on Wednesday and I’m all asquee about impending plantlets. I’m also getting mighty twitchy about gardening; now only if the rain would let up I could go out and do some things. My happy row of daffodils is making me want to get busting in on the bulb garden so I can have them hanging out in their proper place but alas. It’s mighty drizzly and a little too moist for outside work. Still, I have seeds!

5. Husband Snuggles: Well, one of these had to be about TheMan because duhhh. Things that make me happy? But of course! Lately, he’s been all twitchy and restless (or I have on occasion) so we’ve been sleeping separately, which means no snuggles for us. Except! We make sure to set a “snuggle” alarm for about an hour earlier than we have to get up and one or the other (usually TheMan) will wander into the bedroom and continue snoozing with the other person. And you know what? TheMan is an excellent snuggler. Mmmmm. It’s like the best of both worlds: Room to be all sprawly while sleeping and sleeping in the same bed.

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