The Friday Five!

Eggs? How do I take my eggs? What kind of water do I drink? Could there BE a more pointless collection of questions?

Extra! Extra! Read all about my egg eating habits! Whooo! You can feel the excitement.

I’ll have a real entry for y’all later because damn, I’m falling asleep thinking about this week’s Friday Five.

Eggs. Pffft!

1. What drinking water do you prefer — tap, bottle, purifier, etc.?

Errrmmmm…I’ll take my water any way it’s presented to me for the most part. I don’t much like the texture of softened water (it tastes slimy) and I also don’t like my water to have much of a smell. Other than that, pour me some babE!

2. What are your favourite flavor of chips?

BAKED LAYS! Mmmm, I love me some original potato flavored baked Lays. Pringles would probably be my first choice if Lays weren’t so much healthier for you than Pringles (and if I didn’t tend to get salt burns now and then from Pringles. Doesn’t happen with the Lays). Two thumbs up for 1.5 grams of baked Lays fat in a single serving. Whooo! When baked Lays are made so you can do that duck lips thing with them, there will be no more need for Pringles ever.

3. Of all the things you can cook, what dish do you like the most?

Hmmm…Can’t really say. I like cooking for the experimentation and experience of it so I’m always mostly happy when something comes out edible and pleased when it actually tastes really good but there is always room for improvement. I’ll make something, eat it and think “Next time, more cinnamon” or whatever so I look forward to tweeking the recipe. So no particular dish of mine is my favorite, rather I enjoy the process of cooking.

Now TheMan makes a really good broiled chicken breast on top of a couscous and hommus mixture which is my vary favorite meal we eat.

4. How do you have your eggs?

Um, out of the chicken? Because it’s so much harder to eat them when they are inside you know. Give me a break…’How do you have your eggs’? I think this counts as the lamest Friday Five question ever. In fact, this whole weeks Friday Five is not terribly interesting.

If you are burning to know my egg eating habits, I’ll eat them any sort of fried but like them best when there is some runny yolk action going on because yolk juice is just awesome on toast. I suppose there has to be toast action going on too as well. I’ll also eat them poached, boiled or baked (can you bake eggs?) with little fuss. I’ll eat them scrambled but they gotta be firm and I gotta have ketchup or cheese with them. I mean a lot of ketchup. Enough ketchup so that it looks like I had to go in after the egg with my bare hands and a spoon. Heh, there’s a nifty little image for y’all. I like me some omelets too, but again, gotta have the cheese. No ketchup thank you on the omelets.

I’ll eat eggs in quiche (provided it’s good quiche), custard, nogg, drop soup, bagels, bread, salad, deviled, damn I’m Forrest Gumping on y’all. “You can have deviled egg, eggs Benedict, poached eggs, fried eggs, eggs over easy…”

5. Who was the last person who cooked you a meal? How did it turn out?

Damn. We went out to Applebee’s last night and both got the Sante Fe Chicken Salad (or is it the Fiesta Lime Chicken Salad? We only ever get one of two meals there: the blippity blop chicken salad and the foobity doop chicken dinner. Whichever fits, we got the salad last night) so I have to report that some nebulous cook dude I have never seen and probably never will fixed us a salad. So, thanks anonymous cook dude, it was (as usual) really really good. Course that’s why we only ever get one of the two dinners because they are both always really really good so we just have to decide if we are in a salad mood or a dinner plate mood.

As for people I know, TheMan crocked up a pork (or poak according to my former Chinese coworker. I just loved the way he said that) apple potato thing Tuesday which we pretty good. I am beginning to think though that pork chops are inherently dry because he had them in the crock with juices stewing forever and they had just a little hint of dryness to them. Stupid poak chops.

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