Adieu April

We went over to Mumses’ and Mr. Paul’s house this weekend and several times over the evening, I heard mumses saying “Oh, I expected to see that in the blog” or “You can mention this in the blog” and so on and so forth. I think my mumses may be hinting about wanting to see more Mumses-centric material in the booniverse.

Oh well.

BWA! I love teasing the mumses and I might as well talk about an evening with the ‘rents because Friday and Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing.

Things that happened Friday were: Work and the Amber game. Also Chocolate frosted confetti cake which would have been white cake if I hadn’t made it at 4:30 in the morning. 4:30 is way too early to be actually processing thought patterns more complex than “Huh. There are three eggs pictured here in the ingredients section. Hokay doke, 3 eggs it is.” I cracked, mixed and baked and long about 5:20ish I pulled a very yellow looking white cake out of the oven. I even said to myself “Huh. That’s surprisingly yellow for white cake. Weird” and then went up to shower. It wasn’t until I was coming downstairs that I had a sudden thought about egg yolks in white cake, mainly that they probably turn the batter yellowish and that probably you just add the whites in order to preserve the whiteness of white cake. Which you do. No worries, Platinum Blonde cake is just as tasty.

Saturday I was supposed to go to a big retirement party thing, but I woke up evil and things went south from there. My cranky got so bad that even *I* couldn’t stand to be around me, so I gave myself a time out and took a nap…which went right up to and through the party. Oops. Well, I suppose it was kinder and more humanitarian of me to not go rather than go and glower at everyone and the dishes for the whole time. Yikes. We played a little Warcraft and TheMan and I finally, FINALLY got our go fast ponies. Whoot.

Then Sunday was all about the Mumses. Except it really wasn’t because we planned an impromptu surprise party for Mr. Paul. His birthday isn’t until early May but they are heading down south and will be there through his birthday. So we celebrated Sunday with food…and more food…and most food. I’m weighing in at about 300 pounds today and still digesting. Ugh. Mumses did mention that I ought to have said something about Mr. Paul bringing the Giant Pixie Stix to the Smithee Awards because they had to go to three, count them – three, different Sam’s clubs to find them. Huzzah! So there you are.

Oh! I just got an e-mail from the yarn place informing me that the last two colors of yarn for crochet project 3 and 3a have just arrived at my house. SQEEEEEE!

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