Padding My Stats

I’ve just finished going through the March archives and repointing all the “last years” to the new host. Let me tell you, that messes with the server stats something fierce. TheMan was all “Hey! More than half the hits are for the booniverse!” until I asked him where people were looking. Hmmm. March. You know, almost as if someone were dinking about the March archives…oh say…clicking on them all in order to update the link history at the bottom of the page.

Still, for that tiny moment before I realized that I was the mad site clicker, I thought I was the shiznit!

Right then. Here is the breakdown of the March stats:

  • There are no days in March that have not been blogged at least once in the five years of the booniverse.
  • There were also no days in all of March that I only blogged once in the five years of the booniverse.
  • The number of March days that have 2 posts is 3
  • The number of March days that have 3 posts is 14
  • The number of March days that have 4 posts is 10
  • There were exactly four dates in March that I have blogged every single day in the five years of the booniverse: 5th, 13th, 14th and 17th
  • There are 108 posts in five year’s worth of March which is, if I’ve done the math right, a 70% posting rate (well, 69.7 if you want to get picky) or 4.9 posts a week. Getting so close to the magic five posts a week. Why magic? Dunno. Just sounded good.
  • When I charted out the five years of booniversal March I noticed that every week day has at least one JSFR since I’ve been post(date)ing JSFRs fairly regularly on Saturdays. Also I happen to be using a blank 2003 calendar for charting, which I guess means the snack foods fall during the working week.
  • I changed up my method once again for this project; this time opening 5 browser windows parked on successive booniverse years (2003, 2004, 2005…) and one editing browser window. Thus, I edited all of one year’s links at a time. I think I like this method the best.

One quarter of the year slogged through. Huzzah! I still need to put up the origami frog instructions and maybe a booniverse dictionary and someday the JSFR will be its own blog (and all my stats work will have gone to hell) but hey. March! Done!

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