Dingoes Ate My Weekend Recap

But then they ate some grass and puked it up all over the front porch. Damn dingoes.

Friday I did not, contrary to popular belief, spend the whole night playing World of Warcraft. Nay! Although I could have since a bunch of guildies were on and wanted to booger around someplace or the other (*). Me? I decided that I’d rather read a book. Sometimes you just gotta say no to the computer and spend an evening snuggled up with the cats reading a book.

Saturday, however, I played a frighteningly obnoxious amount of Warcraft so I suppose I’m even. Or something. I didn’t even shower all day I was that lazy. I loved it!

Sunday I was quite a bit more industrious and got me up at the crack of 8 something, showered and was out the door to pick up LunarGeography by 9ish. We had plans with TheRCK to go out garden supplying! I fired up the truck and we packed that thing to the gills with top soil, mulch, some pete moss, a whiskey barrel and various plants. It was a lot of fun, but I did limit myself to (mostly) only plants that I had an immediate place to plant. It was really hard too since they had all sorts of tasty flowers and herbs and roses and such. SQUEEEEE! I think I came home with a planty thing for the second whiskey barrel, 2 flats of marigolds for the runner gardens and a flat of pinks for the new garden, some lemon thyme, sweet woodruff and horehound. Horehound! That one I’m not too sure where I’m going to plant it but whatever. HOREHOUND!!

Then there was Badmovie’s game in which I chugged along on crochet project 3 and 3a when I wasn’t participating. I…ummm…sorta didn’t do anything Friday (reading!) or Saturday (loafing!) so I’m now more behind than I was two weeks ago when the projects were supposed to be done. Ahhh…whoops.

After the game, in the waning light of evening, I got a bug up my butt and started in on some gardening. I managed to yank the climbing rose out back (and unfortunately, I had to cut the major roots to get it out and all the small roots broke off in the struggle so I could not save it for transplanting. Sad), plant one flat of marigolds in the established runner garden and position and fill the whiskey barrel with my one planty plant. Boooyaw! OH! I also cleared out all the winter crap that was in my gardens. HUZZAH!

Also also, I seem to have only lost two of the three tea roses I planted last year instead of all three like I had first thought. The rose closest to the house has some green at the very very under bottom of the plant. I’m pretty sure it’ll be an entirely different rose if they did that graft the top of a pretty rose onto the root ball of a hardy rose because the top part is definitely mighty dead. Still, huzzah! A tea rose of mine lived!

(*) and I know this because TheMan was boogering around with the guildies.

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