In The Criminal Justice System, I Can Have a Garden.

Hola booniverse peeps. I switched up the Friday Five because I’z got lots to say today and didn’t feel like post dating it to yesterday. Sometimes I fudge the dates of things if I can’t quite remember when we drove by something cool or whatnot, but I don’t like deliberately saying the Thursday stuff happened the day before when it clearly didn’t. Besides, five years from now when the police come all Law&Order to my door and get up in my grill about where I was May 10th, 2007 I can say “Well, I have no idea at the moment, but let me check my blog.” Which I will then do because who the heck remembers where they were five years ago? No really. Who? Unless it’s a memorable date, I’d say that chances are you don’t remember either. But! I can just waltz to the booniverse and be reasonably confident that last night on May 10th, 2007, I was out gardening for about two hours (between the times of 7pm and 9pm) and that I talked with my neighbors sometime during that time as they were walking their dogs home.

I can also tell them (not the giant ants in this case, unless they too come to my house five years form now all Law&Order demanding to know what I did on May 10th, 2007) that we went from work (leaving roughly at 5:15ish pm) to Lowe’s to get a second tarp in order to kill off the lawn which will become the veggy garden hopefully this weekend. Maybe I shouldn’t be too free with the concept of killing things if the police are going to be all up in my grill about my actions. Note to self: Clearing out a space for our veggy garden.

So where was I? Right. Lowe’s. We bought a second tarp (by the same company as the first tarp yet the grommets don’t match up at all. What’s that about?) and some trailing plants for the whiskey barrels. I don’t remember what they were…barcelonas? Bahamamamas? Whatever, they were pink and orange. They would have been all sassy alternating pinks and oranges in both barrels had I bought 3 pinks and 3 oranges (I was so going to plant pink-orange-pink and then orange-pink-orange and be all renegade arty with the flowerin) but I completely stupided out and bought the wrong number of plants so now the barrels match and are boring. Flowery, but boring. We did not get roses because I am not paying $20 to $25 bucks for a bucket of rose when I can get them at Coleman’s for less and mail order them for even less than that.

We then went to Arby’s and got their 5 for a little more than $5 deal and I decided to order a shake as one of my five when I discovered they had creamsicle shakes. Mmmm, creamsicle. Everything was going swimmingly until the Arby’s lady dropped the entire opened orange syrup dispenser on the floor and created a sixth great lake of sticky orange goo. I think the giant ants would be more interested in that detail than the police would, but I’m not sure it’s going to do the ants a lot of good five years from now. Maybe if they had a TARDIS.

Then we got home (7pm ish) where I got a bug up my butt and started clearing out renegade lilac bits in hopes of establishing a good border for the tree garden I want to put up around the whole lilac mess. I also planted the other flat of marigolds, put down a couple of pinks (filling in the old runner garden where the pinks didn’t survive and topping off the front of the new runner garden), cut marked out (with a…perfectly harmless garden tool) the rest of the front garden and the rest of the side garden. Finally, I transplanted a rose (I forgot about the one on the side of the house until I was walking around contemplating the side garden) to the second arbor/trellis, cleared back some weed trees and called it a night.

Well, OK I called it good for gardening, went upstairs to take a long, hot, delicious shower, scrubbed and moisturized my hands and feets, painted my toes (yes, next Monday will be the unveiling of the summer toes) and played Warcraft until 1am. The only out of the ordinary thing we noticed was an odd knocking sound at…errr…midnight to 1ish which we figured was one of the cats licking themselves on the rocking chair. If anything else happened, we were totally oblivious to it and are probably screwed five years from now when we show up as primary suspects to something or other crime.

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