Which Is Better: A or B?

I took a short half day of work yesterday because I had an eye appointment and I had an extraneous three hours that was driving me nuts. I have no idea how I wound up with three hours and not two or four but when you get 12 vacation hours a month and you look at your accumulation and see 12.375 days that’s just not right. It ought to be 12.5 or 13.0 or even 12.25. Not X number and 0.375th of a leftover. Do you know how long it took me to figure out how many non half day hours that was? People, I had to do math.

And then I took them suckers as vacation so now everything is right with the world and my vacation hours fall on the full or half day. Bliss.

Anyway, I zoomed home where TheMan had a delicious salad waiting for lunch (healthy!) and then we had a bit of time to loaf before we had to zoom back to get my eyes poked. Which they did. Apparently, I have thick corneas so the glaucoma blue circle light machine of doom gave me a high eye ball pressure reading. The doc sort of hemmmed at it and then decided to go poking at my corneas to measure them. I guess the glaucoma blue circle light of doom machine measures eyeball pressure by seeing how much force it takes to flatten the cornea. Which is really creepy and I wish I hadn’t found that out because I thought it was some sort of happy blue lighty thing and not a pressing on my EYEBALL thing. Guaaaargh.

However, the measure the cornea thickness machine not only pokes at your cornea with a picky poky end (versus the happy blue-lit circular non-POINTING IN MY EYES of the usual glaucoma machine) but it ripples it all around, which I’ll admit was really cool to see from the inside. It was sort of like being underwater and looking up at someone making ripples on the surface of a lake but still, it was POKING IN MY EYEBALL! I had the hardest time not blinking when the pokey measury stick thing-it was all rippling my cornea.

The picky-pokey me in the EYEBALL machine confirmed that I had thick (fat) corneas which gave the first machine a false positive reading. A look see into my eyeball guts determined that they were happy and healthy so whoot me for a clean bill of eyeball health. I also got to demonstrate for the doc and then again for the intern how my eyes don’t line up. Because they don’t. Nope. One likes to focus a little bit down and to the left of the other one or maybe it’s up and to the right. I have no idea which one has the correct focal plane and which one is slacking so without the glasses (which correct for this) my eyeballs have to work harder to get the stereoscopic images to play nice. It only really bothers me when I’m reading or when the doc spends a bazillion hours having me try to focus on various things.

Two hours, two numbed eyeballs and two irises maxed to the gills later I walked out with my new scrip and stylin’ funky paper sunglasses. Nothing says sexy quite like those mass produced doctor’s office shades. Sadly, I did not get any gardening done because there was still a giant bright ball of light in the sky and I had a ferocious headache from showing off my non focusing trick. I did go out for a bit and get some plant pics (which may or may not have come out, I couldn’t see them) but most of the rest of my evening was spent in the semi dark crocheting. I got a lot done on project 3 and 3A.

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