Allons Dans le Jardin

le Jardin!

This is what LunarGeography and I did last Saturday. I decided to tarp it over until this weekend so that the churned up grass lumps underneath die out. Rumor has it they’ll just keep on growing no matter how chomped up they are and I am not going to go through that entire plot and shake out the lumps of grass. Them suckers can take the week to die under my tarpage. Stupid grass.

I got some gardening done Tuesday between times the sky was “dropping oxen” (DQ’s expression, not mine. I’m stealing it though because hee!) but there was only enough time to weed both square foot gardens before oxen started landing again. Still, that meant I didn’t have to do it today and I could concentrate on moving the near garden. You can see it in its new home in the first pic and here is the newly reseeded plot where it had been.

Ta da! Square foot garden number one all squared away by the veggy patch. I’ve already stuck some plants in the thing: Chives (upper left spot), Lavender (upper right spot), viola (below the lavender), Italian sweet basil (lower right spot) and horehound (lower left). I have some Lumina seeds, thyme seeds and I think some sage seeds I might plant sometime soonish. However, there is a lot of open space yet which means…a trip to the garden place!

Here’s a pic of my climbing rose trellises.

On the right is my Fourth of July climber that survived the winter. Go rose!

And on the left is my funky new climber rose which I’ve already forgotten the name of. Hrrrm. Anyway, it’s got cool orange/red blooms.

Wrapping around to the front of the house, this is the runner garden I put in last year (and planted). Yes, I know that there are two dead roses hanging out there – I’ll get to them sometime this year. Maybe Sam’s club will have a $5 rose sale or something and I’ll pick up a couple to replace the ones that couldn’t hack it. I feel like I’m running a marine camp for roses here.

This is the newly planted runner garden. I cut it out last year but it was too late to actually plant anything. This year I gave it a matching barrel (but filled with bleeding hearts rather than columbine since they didn’t HAVE columbine. Hrmph), two roses, some thyme and some sort of low flowery bushy something. Maybe phlox. Maybe not.

Please plant us! I think if it is nice Friday I’ll plop a couple of these puppies into the left garden and fill out the bald spots. My pinks from last year didn’t Darwin well at all.

These guys would also like to be planted. The left tray has pumpkins (top two rows), tomatoes and some dead peat moss. The right tray has mustard lavender (left most column), rock cress, viola and forget-me-nots as well as a column of dead peat moss. I excel in dead peat moss. Hopefully the veggies will get planted this weekend. Huzzah veggie garden!

Here’s an artsy shot of my Columbine because I had the camera and was boogering around.

More artsy boogering. I have no idea what these are, we just have a bush full of them.

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