The Early Bird

Gets all sorts of goodies but is more likely to pass out before 6pm.

Woah. Do you know how early 5:30 in the morning is? Damn early I tell you, even earlier than o’ dark hundred (which, I believe, is 6:00am) and it seems even earlier if you happened to have had a dream where the alarm had already gone off. I suppose mentally that means I slept in some yes? Right. Sure don’t feel like it.

TheMan had to be in to film a surgery at 7am so we got our butts up and out of bed AND out of the house before 6:30 in the morning. I was at work at 6:45am which got me a primo parking spot. Boooyaw. Stylin I tell you. Still, 6:45 in the morning…ouch. I had to blunder over to the Union and get coffee (it was a must…I mean 6:45 people! My brain cells wont function without some sort of kick to the synapses) and you know what? 6:45 is even earlier than the Union gets up. That’s too damn early. So being in the incredible alert mental stage that I was, I sat around a while glerbeling at the doors and trying to decide what to do next. My single plan of action, driven by my mushy mind, had run up against a hitch and there was no back-up plan. Fortunately I was only standing perplexedly blinking at the closed doors for about 15 minutes before the dude with the keys did his magic door thing. Whooo! Mocha mocha mocha!

When I got into work with my happy warm comfy joyous triple huge mocha of doom I set about preparing for the day. Unfortunately, TheMan had forgotten something at home that he needed for the surgery gig and sent me a ranting e-mail about what a stoop he was for doing so. *sigh* I figured if I zoomed home and back that I might could get him the things he needed and not be outrageously late in the process (but give up my awesome parking spot). So I made for the zooming cuz sometimes you gotta do the little sacrifices for your peeps. It’s a karma thing. No big, off I went.

Except…where was my key thing? Yeah, somewhere in the half hour of tooling about I had lost the car keys thingit that has the retractable key and push entry stuff on it. I was right bummed because not only is it a pretty handy thing for popping the doors or trunk but the key flips out for driving and back for storage with the single press of a button. [snikt] DRIVE! [snikt] FOB! Endless fun I tell you. Oh yeah, also it’s got VW boldly emblazoned on it and there ain’t too many of them out there in the small parking lot. Real easy to go twip-twipping all 10 of them to see which one belongs to the key. Then, bye bye car. Badness.

I did that “pat every pocket” panic thing just to make sure I hadn’t pulled some bozo trick and dropped the key in a pocket not normally reserved for car keys and found…no fob. However, in my search I ran across the spare key that I stashed in the Euroflage last time I was out and I didn’t have my car keys with me. Bonus. So I went like the wind and zoomed home. Not only did I get TheMan’s thing, but I got my ring, some DayQuil for TheMan and opened the kitty’s window for them to look out. All things we had forgotten to do. Whoo. Then I went about trying to find the missing fob but no luck. It was nowhere I had gone. Sadness.

Things started to kick into gear when I finally made it back but in a good way. I got my meeting minutes typed up before the meeting I had to go to (YES!!), came back from the meeting, which kicked mighty ass, and found the fob nestled in the corner of my chair (YAY! Happydance). It either had fallen out and slid down where I couldn’t readily see it earlier or someone found it and returned it to me. Either way, I had my KEYS! (Two sets and counting) Then when I played around with my neo pet at break (click the elephant on the left margin of the main page) I got some really cool stuff from everywhere I visited. PLUS I adopted the cutest little JubJub from the ‘neopound’. Not too keen on the name but damn is he cute. Awwwwww. He came with a pet pet too. Heh, saweeeet.

The peas of resistance came about 2:30 today when TheMan got out of surgery and called me up to tell me how awesome I was for running home for the stuff. He was so overwhelmed that he is going to take me out to Piassano’s. YAY! Not that I did anything that was all that tremendous but I guess I’m number one in his eyes today. Same day turn around karma at its best! I do something good in the morning and my return of something good comes along in the afternoon. So the morale is: Do nice things when you can and nice things will be done to you. Whoot.

Keeping along those lines of new, good and exciting things I did a little revamp to the main page. Notice not only can you go directly to TheMan’s blog and read all his goodness and light (and take a look at his pics, he’s really quite good. I may be biased tho, go judge for yourself!) BUT you can now go and pop in on Bubbles’ Live Journal as well. Keen no? Go have a look, she is really cool and likes glowy things and would probably not mind if anyone sent her cool glowy stuff. I know I wouldn’t mind much at all. Glowy things rock. Also, don’t tell her I painted my nails in glow in the dark nail polish last night because they are bitchin rad and she will be way jealous. Heh. I may keep the lights off for quite some time. SHINY!

The other stuff you can either ooo and ahh over its incompleteness or wait in anticipation until I fill in the links. When I get around to it, I’ll put all the comics and journals I read up so you can go take a look at them too. Fun stuff a happening!

One Response to “The Early Bird”

  1. susan Says:

    I am way jealous!!! 🙂

    And JubJubs are way cool. If you find a strawberry fields paint brush, be sure to paint the jubjub with it. It turns into this disturbingly cute pudgy little strawberry dude with big feet!