Plants, Yes. Pictures, No.

At least not today. Muahahahaha!

This weekend I planted a garden! But first, Friday.

What did I do Friday. Hrrmmmm. Warcraft? Mmmmmaybe but I don’t think so. I think I might have done a little garden puttering…oh! Right. I planted a flat of pinks in the newer runner garden and filled in the holes of the old runner garden and front garden with fresh meat plants. My survival rate of pinks, which are supposed to be perennials, was frighteningly abysmal. I think I planted a flat of them last year and I’d be surprised if more than five survived. I’m giving them one more year and then I’m switching to some other low slung bordery plant. Possibly Alyssum unless anyone out there has a great (non annual) idea.

Saturday morning was the usual Warcraftiness wherein we puttered about and did Warcraft things. Meh, whatever. I wasn’t much into the deal because LunarGeography and I had GARDEN STORE PLANS!!!!! The time between getting up and noonish was just wait time until I could get some more PLANTS!

I can stop at any time. Really.

Anyway, I needed some more corn and a rose or three and four new things to plant in the square foot garden. LunarGeography needed Pete moss and dirt to feed to her sinkhole god and maybe a couple other tasty plant things. She has a grown-up project she is forcing herself to work on (regrading the side of her lawn so it doesn’t funnel water into her basement) before she gets all jiggy with the plants so she was trying to limit her fun planting purchases. She does, however, have a garden plot and several other flower beds which absolutely need growing things. Well, don’t all flower beds need growing things? Of course they do! Thus she was only interested in such things that could stand around in seed pots while she did her responsible home-ownery things.

I admire her dedication. I, on the other hand went all out and got lots of gardeny things for my garden. I also ended up with some flowers for the side garden which I hadn’t originally set out to get because the side garden is nowhere near ready for plants. Guess what I’m going to be working on! I suppose that’s one way to plan out your gardening.

Sadly, I didn’t get to planting because I spent way too much time looking at plants and the next thing I knew, it was time to go to DQ’s for dinner and movies. DQ makes a mean chicken, incase you wondered. We watched I, Robot (OK) and Alien Versus Predator (better than I expected but I think there are some continuity flaws with the whole Alien series) had Brandy Alexanders and went home.

Sunday I untarped the garden to discover…grass. GARRRGH! So instead of planting my tasty food garden before Badmovie’s game, I spent that time raking lawn lumps out of my garden. Stoopid grass. I finally got to planting sometime in the evening and as of about 8pm, we are growing corn, beans, pumpkins, hot peppers, tomatoes and strawberries. YAY!

Today I am very, very sore.

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