Cats – 1: Me – 2

Isaak got a little tetchy about getting a bath so no gardening for me. On the other hand…

Clean cats! I did a little calculating and as far as I can figure, the cats have had 6 baths in the 12 years they’ve been loafing about. You would think that they’d just let the whole tub thing pass over as it only happens on average, once every two years but no. Every time I give them a bath they get a little bit crankier and a little bit more feisty. Even Little Kitty this time around put up a good fight and the past three bath times Isaak has managed to tag me in some fashion. I suppose then technically it would be Cats – 3: Me – 6 but they are always going on about simplifying your fractions and whatnot so 1 to 2 it is.

Although the kitties are getting more bath cranky in thir old age, they are also getting more agressively pissed off at having been cleaned. Thus, Little Kitty no longer sits and sulks damply until nature or the heating vent located under my dresser dry her off. This year she was taking an active role in dedamping and here she looks very disgruntled about having to do so. I think she has a flavor! I don’t think she likes it.

“Yeah, you better bandage that up. Next time it’s the entire finger.”

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  1. Amy Says:

    I showed my kitties this entry and told them they’d better be good… or I’d get you to bathe them. *grins*

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