The Friday Five!

Ahhhh capitalism! Rootbeer pretty, Charmin bad.

1. What brand of toothpaste do you use?

Currently we use Mentadent because it comes in this cool stand up container thingit that does NOT leave toothpaste dangles in the sink and does NOT tend to wander all over the place because you don’t have to pick it up to squeeze it and best of all there is NO squeezy rolly angst to get the last squirt of toothpaste out of the container. Hate the fight for the last seven brushes of toothpaste in tubes. That said, I actually prefer the taste of Crest. When Crest starts making the convenient stand up dispenser models you bet I’m going to switch. I am a fair weather toothpaste bitch I am.

2. What brand of toilet paper do you prefer?

I’m pretty easy about the TP and I’ll buy the cheapest thing on sale that is NOT Scott or Charmin. I used to get loaned out to the R&D department that did septic studies and one of the onerous duties was folding toilet paper to either fit into the automatic dispensers or prepping for flushability testing. Yeah, wastewater R&D can be filled with a lot more disgusting things than folding toilet paper – believe you me – but 75% of anything we did involved TP prep. There were hours and hours spent counting out four or six sheet sections and folding them origami style and then bundling them to go off to the test site. I know from TP.

I don’t ever want to voluntarily subject my posterior to the pumice stone like quality of Scott tissue. They could make 100 grit sandpaper feel better on your butt than that stuff…especially after a day of rolling and folding. At least we got the benefits of having all our hand calluses smoothed off for us. I can just imagine what a life time of sandy scraping would do to my tender parts. Thank you no.

Charmin I usually don’t buy for a different reason all together. I confess that I have been known to pick up a 4 pack of Charmin once in a great while (unlike Scott tissue, which my eye doesn’t even acknowledge the existence of when contemplating the shelves for the best buy) but I stray away from it because of the Charmin Headache syndrome. Mind you, you have got to be working with a lot of Charmin and for a couple of hours in order to experience this phenomena but half a day spent rolling and folding twenty some odd rolls of Charmin (into two strip/four sheet bundles of a couple hundred each) will get you sufficiently immersed enough in the stuff that the ‘light’ scent of perfume begins to eat through your brain. It also tends to have a serious fuzzy bits fall out dust thing going on so the headache is pretty much always accompanied by fits of sneezing.

Of course, if anyone is using THAT much toilet paper for…errr…bathroom purposes, something is seriously wrong.

3. What brand(s) of shoes do you wear?

Heh, I think anyone who has read any of my blog can get that questions right. I wear Birkenstock sandals and they are trying to kill me. Go take a look at my very first blog entry. That picture there? Totally the sandal’s work. You know, I have worn my Birks so often in the past almost year that I can’t even tell you with any confident accuracy what the brand of any of my other shoes are. Of course, none of them are trying to kill me so maybe their logo or brand do not stick in my head so well.

The only other brand I know for sure is that I have Asics wrestling shoes for Kung Fu. Then again 90% of the shod Kung Fu program wears Asics so it’s not that difficult to remember what you are wearing when everywhere you look there is the crissy crossy Asics design. Heh, we should do some sort of endorsement thing. I also have a pair of “outside” Kung Fu Shoes that are Nike’s because I just knew if I got another pair of Asics that I would confuse my inside shoes with my outside shoes and then bad things would happen. Now, I either look for the swoosh if I’m outside or grab the crissy crossy ones for inside. Wait, I think my Asics are actually my outside shoes…eh, like I have worn either in the last seven months.

4. What brand of soda do you drink?

Sooooo-da, S.O.D.A. Sooo-oooh-da!

Heh, sorry. Couldn’t resist. I’ll drink pretty much anything. Most often we have Diet Pepsi Twist in the house because TheMan likes to drink it. We also just started buying vanilla Coke because damn that stuff is TASTY! We also have diet Sierra Mist (virtue of being a Pepsi product. Get the Twist, buy the Mist, get good deals!) because I get all bouncy if I have had caffeine after one or two in the afternoon and I don’t sleep well. Yeah, I’m a wuss.

In my perfect world I’d drink all Root Beer (and it doesn’t matter which brand of root beer, I love them all!) if the sugar stuff were totally non caloric. Damn but diet root beer is nasty!

5. What brand of gum do you chew?

Trident I think. TheMan keeps Trident around (some minty flavor. I think the package is either dark blue or light blue) so when we are traveling in the bug it’s Trident for me. I prefer Wrigley’s Big Red because you can chew that stuff for days and still taste the cinnamon but TheMan is all about the sugar free. Eh, whatever. It keeps me from chewing my head clean off (I’m not so big on the sugar free stuff, it’s not as tasty).

I have this weird gum chewing thing I do. Sometimes I’ll pop in a piece and chew it and chew it and chew it for hours and totally forget I really have it in my mouth. Then about four hours later I’ll suddenly remember that I have had this one piece in my mouth for EVER and I’ll think “Ewww…good thing I chew Big Red because otherwise this would be a totally rubbery disgusting glob of gum”. Other times I go through gum so fast it’s frightening. Mostly it happens with gumballs where I’ll pop one in, it’ll get all rubbery(three seconds later) so I’ll pop another one in to “freshen” it up. Pretty soon all the gumballs in a bag of gumballs are gone and it’s only an hour later. Heh, “Hi. I’m boo and I am a gum addict.”

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