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I *know* y’all have been dying to hear about my gardening since I never talk about it. BWA!

I was going to pull up some of the side garden on Monday, say two rows of sod, but instead I went to bed and then woke up Tuesday illin. I blame TheMan since he had the same illin Sunday. However, long about 3 o’clock I just couldn’t lie around anymore so me and my ill went outside to tear up some garden.

Man, I ought to garden sick more often because I was on fire! I got pretty much the rest of the lawn pulled up down to the back of the house save three feet of scraggly mangy scrappy lawn. I decided that if it wasn’t going to come up in nice square bits (or rather, that I was going to have to put more effort into clearing out the space than chop, pull, shake, lawn bag) I wasn’t going to touch it. What? I was sick! Besides I had already pulled up about six feet of lawn, I needed to save some fun for another day right? Right!

I also pulled out one of the four weed tree/stoopid bush messes that needs to come out so I was feelin mighty! Rarh! Ph33r my 1337 p14n7 k1ll1n 5k1llz! Now I have to decide whether I take out all three remaining weed trees/stooped bushes or just the weed tree that was next to the evicted one because technically, that’s the only one on the side of the house. The other two, if you happened to draw a line from the house’s side foundation out into the back yard, are just ever so slightly behind said line and therefore on the back of the house. Back of the house is not on this year’s garden plate, even if most of the roots and branches of said critters cross over onto the side garden. My new rule (which I just made up) is: If the main stem is an inch or two past the side foundation line it’s a back garden issue. Nuff said.

Hopefully I won’t have too much of a root tangle problem and can leave the two almost but not really side bushes/trees for the back garden stage and get on with the planting of the side garden. I even have plants and seeds ready and waiting to go in. Squeee!!

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  1. Amy Says:

    I was illin all weekend. Cold illin. Sucks desu.

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