Still Alive

Hey yeah, I’m still around. Been up north vacationing for a bit. Go see!

Hey ho! Well, we got back from the up north yesterday at – wait actually it would have been today come to think of it – 1 in the morning. The house was still here and the kitties survived the vacation but the lawn…dear god, the lawn! I guess it rained and rained and rained or we have mutant grass because it’s about six to eight inches high all over. No really, it looks like TheMan didn’t even touch it when he went out hacking it the last time. Man, that stuff can grow. The violets have gone bazoo as well and we are going to have to have a talk with the ones that have set up house in the driveway. Not so good.

Some highlights of the trip: I climbed Sugarloaf mountain. Whoot. Cold be damned, I went and climbed the sucker and had a pretty good time. The view was astounding. You could see the shoreline stretching along one side of the mountain and the city along another and all sorts of keen vista stuff. It was a tad nippy at the tippy top so I had to put my woobie back on but for about the last third of the climb I was comfy in my long sleeved jersey shirt. Not bad for a warm blood such as myself. TheMan and fam, being natives and all, were sweating up a storm in their short sleeves by the time we got to the top. Those crazy Yoopers.

The walk up the mountain was just as fun as the getting to the top so the whole excursion was a lot of fun. Mom Q is very knowledgeable about plants and such so whenever I found a cool green growing thing and pointed it out, she’d tell me what it was. There were lots of cool plants hanging out so I was having all sorts of fun eyeballing them. There are two paths up; easy and hard so we thought we’d take the easy one up and the hard one down. Mostly, it’s a bunch of uphill winding paths and about seven or eight sets of stairs that get you up the harder climbs. The hard trail is pretty much a path tramped down over rocks and roots and stuff that goes more or less down with no winding or lollygagging (a few sets of stairs too at the top, however. I don’t think they meant for anyone to be doing any serious rock climbing). Hard on the ankles and knees and not as scenic unless you want to forgo looking at the ground for looking at the pretties. I’m sure the paths are lined with just as many flowers and stuff but I wasn’t risking a glance for fear of going ass over teakettle. I preferred the easy rout because I was in a wander around and look at nature mood.

We did some work at the camp but not as much as I had feared. I was not so much looking forward to a whole working weekend but as it turned out, we got to play tetris, weight lift and play in a sand box AND call it work. Heh, alright, we put down a patio like thing for the sauna to sit on. The Qs had already gotten a metric ton of sand or so and filled out the area and they had scavenged a bunch of the flat sandstone rocks that line the lake to act as pavers. TheMan and I got to put the irregular stones into the sanded area as best as they fit and then tamp them level. The stones were pretty heavy but worth the fun of playing in the sand and the challenge of fitting them all together in the most seamless way we could.

On the second day of camp Mom Q went out to get more rocks while TheMan and Dad Q did the sandbox thing again. I was feeling lazy and decided that I wasn’t going to work on the rock tetris cuz I didn’t wanna. HA! However, I got all restless like so I decided to take on another task and go hunting for sauna rocks for the sauna (versus sauna rocks for the elevator?). I guess you line the stove with these potato sized rocks and pour water on them to get the sauna atmosphere. I’m not to sure on that, but I decided that I didn’t really kneed to know their exact function (I would probably see them anyway when the sauna was in and go “Ahhhh! Yes, rocks on the stove. I see.”) just what to look for. So I got my sauna rock debriefing and headed out on the shore with a bucket to collect good specimens. I like walking along the lake even though the entire beach is a mass of piled up rock. It’s a challenge to see how far one can go without turning an ankle, at least it is in my case. Heh. Well OK the view is really nice and the rocks are really pretty when they are all wet and you can see all the stripes and flecks and things.

Oh, by the way, incase you are looking for sauna rocks, don’t pick up the sandstone kind. Dad Q says they explode. Heh, Wheee! That would make for an exciting time no?

Yahhh! For someone who is suffering from a stupid cold I’m up awfully late. Me need sleep, more later!

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