The Day After

The funky happy green, Ricola goodness and matching undies. A mix of happy me.

Anyone want a lung?

If I don’t hoark up my spleen today I will be totally amazed. Have you ever tried to get the last bit of coke out of a can or maybe the last bit of dish soap out of a bottle and no matter how hard you shake or squeeze or contort the containers there is still a little bit left in the bottom? I think that’s what is going on inside my lungs. There is just a wee itty bit of lung juice sitting there at the very bottom and my body will have none of it. Seriously, last night as I was in the middle of a coughing jag I swear I briefly saw my toes come out of my mouth in one particularly bad spell. Mostly I feel pretty peachy but every once in a while I have a tiny gurgle at the end of my breath and then the lungs go nuts.

This cold is beginning to suck mightily. I could at least have some sort of real sick symptoms, you know, have something to show for the annoyance of being ill. Fever, chills, nausea (errr…well I am not wishing for it, mind you, but it would be one of the classic sick symptoms), sinus pain, stuffed up nose something, to justify not being healthy other than an annoying mostly dry with an occasional victorious gurgle cough that wont quit. Really, between trying to pare my lungs down to a single lobe I’m showing no other signs of being ill. If I could just cut it with the SARS hack I’d be better and that’s what’s so annoying. Just leave that last bit of lung gurgle alone already…it’s not coming out bar peeling me open and swabbing it up with a paper towel or something. Not that that was a suggestion, at least not yet. Come find me at about 4 o’clock, I may just be looking for a boo-opener and a roll of Bounty.

While I’m on the topic of the plague I just have to add a shout out to Ricola. I am so Ricola’s patsy today and I need to spout its wonderfulness. I picked up two packs of sugar free cough drops Tuesday figuring they would be something I would be clinging dearly to for the next few days and sure enough, they are my new best friend. Oh yeah, babE. I’ll pit them against Halls any day. Sugar free Halls have the tendency to taste like I imagine the Dow Chemical plant’s floors might and they cut the beejeebus out of my mouth. The drops, not the floor of the Dow Plant. Even regular Halls can get nasty on the rare occasion although they are for the most part pain free. I usually only buy the sugar laced Halls drops anyway since I like my tongue in one piece rather than in ribbons but I decided that I didn’t need all that sugar from the cough drops so I took a chance with Ricola. Other than their weird flavors (I decided on “Lemon-Mint” and “Original Mountain Herb” which were the two most normal sounding flavors they had) I am quite happy. Now, when they decide to make Ricola in the standard red or yellow flavors I’m all there. Let’s hear it for the flavor red. Mmmmm!

It’s not easy being green. Especially when you are as nail polish challenged as I am. Last night I was going to paint my nails in the new happy “Tidal Wave” greenish color I picked up on Tuesday (Revlon Super Top Speed Tidal Wave 370 if you are that curious) but I only got around to painting my thumb. It was sort of a test painting to see if I liked the color. I was really curious about how it would look yet there really wasn’t enough time to paint all my fingers and let them dry so I convinced myself that I could just whip out the remover and undo my thumb if it truly sucked. Right. Like I have the energy or inclination to put forth that much effort. Folks, you know my thumb was going to be staying green.

So anyway, I came to work today with my one thumb painted this wicked greenish color and the bottle of polish to finish up the job (eventually, sometime, when I got around to it). Tidal Wave is in the green family but it has just the faintest bit of blue in it to give it that funky island sea color look. I guess that’s why they named it Tidal Wave then no? Clever that! Heh. It’s the same color my old truck was: Caymen Green (Ford Ranger…coolest little truck ever). I have yet to test the nail polish out but the truck would look different depending on the lighting. Sometimes it was very blue with tracings of green, other times it was definitely green with just a hint of blue while mostly it was a teal color on just the greener side of teal. So the color has the coolness factor there and it went on nice and strong with only one coat (bonus! I hate having to paint nails twice) but the application leaves a lot to be desired. Let’s just say that I did get the nails covered but I aint getting any points for staying in the lines. Hey, eventually the stuff on the skin will wear or peel off. That’s my thought and I’m sticking with it.

I folded 60 butterflies yesterday. 60! I was this obsession of folding I guess. I only need to fold 20 more and ba-bing, all the butterflies are folded. It must be the SARS, I tell you, I was a woman on a mission and that mission was folding. Diagonal fold, diagonal fold, half fold-water bomb base. Point fold, edge fold-edge fold, unfold edges-fold back one layer (One layer only, Pricilli). Fold wing down, fold wing down, fold body crease left, fold body crease right, Butterfly! Diagonal fold, diagonal fold… I think a lot of the folding compulsion came about when I was working in foil sheets that made the stupid half layer fold really easy to manage. They just flew (heh) along. Unfortunately, that means I am just 20 critters away from having to deal with the frog. Stuuupid frog. They were laughing at the test frog last night. Hrmmmph. OK, truth be told, so was I. The cats have enjoyed the company of Mssr. UglyFrog quite a bit and it’s looking less like a frog (which it once sorta resembled. Shut up, it did too have a more frog like frogginess to it in the beginning) and more like Audry II. Feed me! Maybe I might just fold hoppy frogs instead.

Today I am feeling much more mellow. There was a lot more piss and vinegar even after the teal hit and run bastards rant to the point where I up and marched off to TheMan’s place at lunch time for a short fifteen minute break (for him, it’s a good 20-25 minute walk there and back for me) which helped some. I was having a bad work day and I needed out. In a nut shell I got blind sided by a job that someone else started and left for me to finish. Except I never got the memo about the job in the first place so the first I knew about it was when people were starting to get miffed.

And lastly there was the people who will Just. Not. Shut. Up. Being in a short temper already is not a good way to spend any time with people who are always yapping and saying nothing. Oh, they think they have all the nuggets of wisdom spouting from their heads but really, at one point or another the whole world just wishes they would SHUT UP already. Yup, I was a fountain of joy yesterday. Fortunately I regained some of my happy fluffy nature (I really do have such components, honest!) today and I’m burbling along all mellow like. I think it’s the nail polish. Or maybe it’s my choice to go matching undies this morning. Somehow, matching undie days are better days for me. It’s a thing. My mood could also be blamed on the fact that I have both fingers and toes painted fabulous colors that don’t match at all (although, my toes and undies do match. Don’t worry, it’s coincidental and in no way planned at all but still, it’s kinda cool). Whatever the reason I’m all about the zen today.

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