Project: Acomplishment!

In a spat of craziness, we left the UP at 10 Monday night and drove through the dark hours until we met the sun about a half hour out from home. It’s the first time we’ve traveled the night run from the UP down as we usually save the crazy wee hour driving for the going north leg of the trip. Let me just say that night driving, if you can stay awake for it, wrocks (yo) the socks for the northbound leg because it’s just you and the early morning truckers pretty much all the way to the bridge.

Night driving also wrocks the footwear for the more urban areas of the southbound trek (re: anything south of Grayling, possibly even as far down as West Branch) but in da UP, dey gots dem deers dere hangin oot at da side of da road you know. And there are lots of them. Lots of lots. Bazillions of them, all lurking at the edge of the road thinking to themselves, “Can I make it? Well can I?” And they are none too bright either because the closer you get to them, the more they are convinced that they just might have enough room to dash across the road.

It was an interesting drive.

We got home around 5:30 (?), shoved the cats and the valuables in the house and collapsed. I think I had been up for almost 24 hours by that point. I love chocolate covered espresso beans! However, my eyeballs popped open at 10am and said “Hey! Let’s DO something!” and since they really can’t do anything on their own, they pestered the rest of my body to go along with their diabolical plan. Thus, I was up and out of the house gardening.

I know, you don’t want to hear any more of it but check this out: One major gardening project (which you won’t have to hear (much) about any more) checked off the list. Bamn! I won’t say that I stood around in my hinder flaunting gardening jeans with my hands on my hips surveying my accomplishment with an air of superiority and grand smugness (for the garden looks damn good) but I won’t deny it either. I may have also done a little dance of major project accomplishment complete with “I wrock the gardening yo” butt shimmy. Then again, I may not have. I’ll never tell.

When I took stock of my remaining list of ‘projects I can conceivably accomplish this year’ (for there is an entire garage perimeter that needs to be dealt with as well as some fence mange that must be cleared out), I discovered that I’m well on my way to having the rest of the summer off. June’s project will be putting in the north front side garden (and I think a month is a generous amount of time for that). July’s project is clearing out the back garden and my random other non time tabled specific project of “harness that damn crazy lilac mess” can easily fit between these two. And for August…I’ve got nothing.

So I guess what I’m really saying to you garden haters is: Come back in August since I’ll be done with the gardening projects for the year. On the other hand, I might just sneak some food garden posts in there to keep you on your toes. What, not show you my very first baby pumpkin picture? Chyeah, right.

After gardening, I took a shower and passed out for a lovely nap. Mmmm, sleep. We didn’t do much else but Warcraft (after TheMan tackled the dishes and did something with the composter) and eat pizza. Oh right. In the comforts of air conditioning. Guess who lugged the AC out of storage? I love my man!

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