June SAST!

I’ve got tons to say and no real desire to make it all transitiony pretty like so hold onto any loose objects and return your trays to the upright position.

I think I’ll get the green report out of the way first. Today is supposed to be bitchin hot and since I wanted to do some gardening before the weekend, I wandered out yesterday to wreak some plant havoc. Besides, I’m counting it as part of a loosely defined exercise program where I tell myself that I should really do something active like three times a week and if it’s not gardening, then it would be Norditrak time. You won’t believe how fast I suited up in my garden grubbies. Besides, I’m still at the plant killing stage (which I’m really good at) so things are going along swimmingly.

I had plans of pulling up another twoish rows of lawn (check) and digging out one or two of the lilac menace (ummm…no check) and possibly propagating some myrtle (possibly not). Instead, I decided that I didn’t want to walk alllll the way back to the garage to get the spade shovel out and I didn’t want to evict roots with the square shovel. However, I had a lawn bag with heavy lawn roots and a whole lot of extra room so I chopped down two bushes and stuffed them in the bag. I also chopped up a good portion of the remaining lawn that needs evicting so I’m calling it good.

Friday, if it’s not too rainy, I’ll start with the spade shovel and see what I can do about the apple tree/stoopid bush/weed tree mutant stumpage. That’s going to be fun and possibly a two day project. Are apple trees tap root trees? I hate tap roots. I’m also really sorely and foolishly tempted to buy a couple roses and finish off the south front garden. I’d want to buy two so I can have a matching bush in the north front bed…which still has seven bushes I need to evict from it before I even get to making the soil nice and tasty for plants. Maybe I can keep the north side rosebushes in a pot until I can plant them?

Yeah. Stoopid.

After gardening and taking a much enjoyed shower (I don’t know what it is, but I love a good after gardening scrub down. Tingly!) I decided to paint my toes a new color. They had been an iridescent green/purple color but it really wasn’t working for me. Mostly they looked sort of like an oil slick or maybe like my toes had gotten into some festive mung. Either way, not what I was envisioning. So I painted them a nice Grimace purple. I heart my new toe color!

Did I mention the tofu? I don’t think so. Anyway, I’m back to meal planning but with a slightly bigger budget. I have come to the conclusion that it is neigh impossible for two people to live on $50 a week (and not be eating ramen three meals a day, seven days a week) so I’m upping the budget number. Don’t know what the new one is yet, but I’m toying with $100, to be revised later if I find out that $75 or whatever is a more reasonable estimate. On the last shopping run I picked up some tofu for stir frying and say! It was decently tasty. I’m going to have to remember that every so often when I do meal planning.

Sort of building off of meal planning, I’m back to counting calories, or at least tracking them. Or maybe just recording what I eat. Meh. It keeps me from snacking aimlessly because I’m way too lazy to keep track of how many snacks I scarfed so I can go back and figure out how many calories they were. I’d rather go hungry than have to do math. It’s not a sure fire method though because last night’s dinner of tasty, tasty homemade soup was recorded as “3 cups of tasty, tasty home made soup”. That soup got chucked in the freezer several months ago, I can’t remember what all went into it! And I’m certainly not going to pick through the soup and guess. I figure it’s good enough to note that I had tasty, tasty home made soup and figure it probably rounded out the day’s allotment nicely.

I do need to find something else to eat before I go home because I’m pretty low on the count today. And I’m very hungry. RARH!

Lastly, I finally drew up an Orochi for Smithee buttons. Whoot! Now I need to order more button parts so they come in before we go to Origins.

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