The Cheese Hat of Laziness

Truly, this could not have been a lazier weekend if I had stayed in bed for all 55 hours of it (counting from after work to bedtime Sunday. Ish).

OK, maybe I did get a few things accomplished but for the most part, fneh. Friday night I went out shopping on the way home so I wouldn’t have to make a special trip out on the weekend. Lazy is as lazy does, apparently. I’m not the biggest fan of shopping after work because it seems like everyone and their stupid annoying brother are out at that time picking up last minute dinner things. Plus, I’m usually tired and cranky after work and from past experience stupid people and my tired crankiness are not a good mixture. On the other hand, an hour of shopping hell beats the heck out of having to go out again on the weekend when you are having a lazy thing. It’s all about the perspective.

So I got the week’s shopping done without killing anyone and went home to wrestle with the Amish Friendship Bread. I should have baked it up Thursday but I was all about defying the Amish. Why should they dictate to me when to bake? I don’t THINK so Mr. (non)Fancypants – I’ll cook bread when I feel like it and not according to your bread timetable. Thankyouverymuch. And also I didn’t have any instant pudding for the bread recipe so I had to go out shopping for that anyway.

I’m still sort of wondering about the Jell-o pudding and the Amish thing. TheMan thinks it’s a conspiracy what with drive by Amish gangs shooting up the Cosby’s and whatnot. Because Amish gangs are a rampant problem in Jell-o country I guess. My bet is that someone thought they would get all cutsie quaint with the “Amish” thing and made it all up. They even dictated that you had to make it in a non metal bowl (because the Amish are plastic tycoons) with a non metal stir-y whatsit. Do you realize how long it takes to delumpify bread with a wooden slotted spoon? ARRRRGH! If the recipe didn’t make the most delicious bread I would have been perfectly content if an “accident” involving an upended bowl and the floor (or cat) sort of occurred. Whoops. Darn. Would you look at that, Amish Jell-o bread batter all over the place. Oh well.

I also made fudge and brownies for we had an idea about making up some chocolate cherry fudge brownie ice cream. Crazy! Except I forgot to get any heavy cream so the ice creaming part of the plan was put on hold.

Focus on the baking though! Wheee!

Saturday we played the usual Saturday morning Warcraft until the server punted us from our dungeon crawling. Don’t know what that was about but when you can’t loot a monster until the body disappears (5 minutes or so), it’s time to pack it in and do something else. Like nap!

Yeah, we did have us a bit of a nap. Mmmm, delicious. Then we zoomed on over to Sam’s club because I’m an idiot and didn’t think to pick up plastic baggies on Friday for doing Smithee ballot packets. We had plans to hang with Badmovie and LunarGeography and put together said packages but without the baggies it would have been most difficult. Hence the extra weekend shopping trip. Drat. I bought a new bucket of fireballs (a work favorite among the student crowd) and some bags for DQ so all was not lost. Except for ice cream when we forgot (again) to pick up some heavy cream. Arrrgh. Sadly, Sam’s club was in the middle of restocking or something and only had one (mangled to bits) box of 500 baggies left which meant that we only got around to doing one show’s worth of ballot packages. Still, one show (475 packages) isn’t such a bad night’s work.

Sunday we did more Warcraft and got my hunter up to 66. WHOOOOO! I also did a metric ton of laundry (laundrycrafting FTW!) and got all but one blanket washed including a whole pack of cloths that were just sort of hanging about here and there. I think they were escapees from the great Goodwill culling of ought six. Poor guys, and here they though they had made it. Alas.

In the evening we had DQ over for movie watching, pork dumplings and chocolate fudge ice cream (sadly, the brownies did not make it the weekend and were unavailable for ice creaming. Uuuurp).

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