Four Calling Cops

In which Rod Serling helps with our Christmas shopping and TheMan makes my day being a funny butt. Oh, and crows and cows from Peru.

Today, I have some amusing anecdotes and weird stuff to share. The first has to do with our trip to the local bookstore to redeem our gift certificate. While we were putzing around, a fella decided to stuff his pocket with all sorts of goodies, prompting the store to call the cops. By the time we were done, the guy was in custody and there were two cop cars parked in the front of the building and one cruising around the store, which lead to this conversation:

Boo: Wow, I wonder how many they have.
TheMan: I suppose a whole bunch, but I don’t think they brought them all here.

Hee! Say it in an Andy Griffith voice and it becomes even funnier! No really, it does…OK, so maybe you had to be there. The next exchange I overheard standing on the Reading room steps waiting for TheMan to show up. Lately, the crows have come back to roost and they are making one heck of a mess of the flagstone. Two women walked out of the Law School and had this conversation:

Woman 1: What’s all THIS??
Woman 2: [pause] Bird crap.
Woman 1: Where’d it come from?

…and I was so proud of myself for not butting in with either “Cows. Small flying cows.” Or, from TheMan, “We had it shipped in especially from Peru!”

Lastly, weird stuff. TheMan and I have decided to do origami guys for the table decorations at the wedding. I picked up an origami folding kit for cheap and my sis just gave us an origami calendar but neither of them are as complete as I had hoped for. Today while we were wandering around the bookstore I happened to look down and find a misplaced How To Origami book that had a whole section on bases (frog base, bird base, blahblah base etc. Every origami book so far has said “Start with a fnoogle base” but never tells you what a fnoogle base is, so you are sorta stuck). Spookier than finding this one lone book left on an end cap was actually looking at what it was hanging out with. I had stumbled on a display of wedding planners and Perfect Weddings in a Snap books. Very Twilight Zone.

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