Well, it’s a Tuesday post even if it is all about the green. Enjoi.

This is the side garden project all done up (save some ground cover roses which will go in front of the trellises).

Here are my six foot sunflowers which aren’t yet six feet and being munched on. Damned bug munching things.

And the lilac project. You just can’t kill these things off…LOOK AT THEM! I chopped those suckers down to the nubbles and BOOM! It’s like I fed them miracle grow. I’m going to have to dig some of them out before they take over again. Look at the maple tree though, that fella is healthy (now that it can breathe and get some sunlight).

Aaaaand the front garden project. I really should go out tonight and dig up some of that nasty root thing in the left corner there. Hmmmm. Lemmie think about that for a bit.

In the mean time here is the evil corner mange by the porch. *shudder* That’s about 6 bushes worth of roots I have to dig out plus some sort of popcorn ball bush. Or something.

Here’s July’s project. Anything that is green is coming out, the dirt is getting mulched (I love mulch!) and next year I might plant some flowers and ferns and miscelaneous other things which I’m not going to think about until next year. HA!

Onto the back yard and the onion and garlic square garden. And Peas!!!

The herb and flower square garden. I gridded it out for you (and for me for later. OK, mostly for me later). From the top left:
Chives / Cosmos / Cosmos / Dying Lavendar
Chives / Snap Dragons / Bee Balm / Viola
Thyme / Lumina / Anise / Chervil
Horehound / Parsely / Chamomile / Basil


Check it out…CORN!!! Something is eating my beans so I can’t do my corn and beans happydance but the pumpkins (in mounds somewhere in the pic. Look between the corn rows) are going strong. Yeah, I know I have to weed. Working on it.

So are my strawberries. They’d colonize Mars if they could get there. Look at them!!!

And the last pic for the day, peppers! This plant is only about two inches tall if that and it has a pepper! What’s that about? Crazy.

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