A Dirty Dozen

Every year on the kitties’ birthdays I say to myself “Wow. The cats are X number of years old. That’s a lot of years” and every year it’s X+1 number of years, which is even older. This year the X+1 was no surprise but I still said “Wow. X+1 years now. That’s old!” Because it is.

12. In twelve years I learned how to walk, ride a bike, ice skate and swim. I had moved to four different homes, could write cursive, knew my times tables (addition is still iffy so I’ll not say anything about that), was in 6th grade and certainly by June 13th I was really close to being an incoming 7th grader. Neither cat has learned how to ride a bike, although Little Kitty and I have a new routine when I do laundry, which involves her hopping into the clothes basket and getting a ride upstairs. It might count after a fashion, but I’m pretty sure they haven’t learned their times tables. Still…

12 years. That’s a lot of years.

Isaak isn’t showing a lot of signs of slowing down; he still enjoys a good game of bite hand and still puts up quite a fight whenever he has to have a B-A-T-H.

And unlike the Little Kitty, who has made it her personal goal to get in 25 hours a sleep a day, Isaak can be found running madly through the kitchen whenever anyone is puttering around in there. Or he might be yowling on the bed.

Perhaps he could be meowing on the back of the sofa or sitting on his favorite heating vent upstairs mhrrr-mhrring at me when I’m on the pot. Sometimes he just plain gets a kick out of following me around from room to room complaining the whole while.

He’s a Siamese and he’s not going to forsake his heritage!

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