Whan That Aprille, With Hise Shoures Blog Stats

Hey there, you observant booniverse readers might have noticed that the April “Last year at the booniverse” links now all point to the new host. Or at least should. That was today’s project because I thought it was time to do another bit of blog clean up. I think I’m trying to assuage my lack of gardening guilt. Anyway, I had wanted to see what my dinking around with repointing the archives did to the blog stats but apparently, they aren’t up and running to TheMan’s satisfaction. Alas. Perhaps I will update May when he’s had a chance to wrestle with the statting program and give it what for. Until then, here’s the scoop on April.

  • There is one day in April where I was a total sluggard and managed to not update all five years of the booniverse. Whooo! Go April 20th!
  • There was also only one day in all of April that I only blogged just once in the five years of the booniverse. That would be April 4, 2003.
  • The number of April days that have 2 posts is 2
  • The number of April days that have 3 posts is 9
  • The number of April days that have 4 posts is 15
  • There were only two dates in April that I have blogged every single day in the five years of the booniverse: 1st and 27th
  • There are 102 posts in five year’s worth of April which comes out to be, according to my clicking on the calculator function of the computer (and my somewhat unreliable math reasoning), a 68% posting rate. That works out to an average of 4.8 posts per week.
  • April also marks the first month on the new server wherein I started pointing the bottom links to the correct place. However, we didn’t switch servers until the late teens or twenties of April so most of the month needed repointing save the very end. Which I had totally forgotten about so it came as somewhat of a surprise when come the…20th everything was already done.
  • Apropos of nothing, I had been doing a completely unrelated project before printing out a blank April calendar (my former calendar unexpectedly ran into actual calendar notes of yore in April of whatever year I had printed out previously) so this month was printed out on a pretty deep yellow sheet of paper. Remember kiddies: Always remove the colored paper from the printer when you have finished your color paper project.

How cool is it that with a 12 unit division I can go from having one quarter of it done to one third of it done and have only chunked through a single unit? I love numbers that have multiple factors! April! Done!

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