It Has GOT to be Tuesday What With All We Did

Holy frijoles! Note to self: Please never cram that much into a weekend ever again. Yours truly, you.

Our plans for the weekend looked like this:
Friday – Amber game from after work to 11ish, give or take.
Saturday – AM – an hour of gardening maybe, or clean the house before noon, 1:00 Fantastic 4-BQ until 7-8, Rob’s party 9pm to the wee hours.
Sunday – Maybe garden if I got no gardening done on Saturday because really? Our house? Daaaaamn. Noon, picto-blog camera bugging with LunarGeography, 1:00 Badmovie’s birthday bash, 4:00 Father’s day Hangar warming party

Our actual plans were pretty much the same as the list but without the gardening. Who was I kidding? As I thought, Saturday I spent time cleaning rather than gardening and Saturday night dribbled into Sunday morning by 3 hours so gardening was way out if I didn’t want to become a zombie. Which I didn’t. So I didn’t. But everything else I did. I took 215 pictures on Sunday between photographing LunarGeography’s wonderful gardens and the Father’s day picnic (which I’m not going to share all of with you. Your welcome).

The Friday night Amber game was particularly cool because everyone actually made it to the game (huzzah!) and we got our wish lists. For those of you who game but don’t do Amber, I think getting a wish list is like leveling. Maybe. Well, you get cool things and that’s always righteous when gaming. My character learned sorcery (oooOOOooo) and I do believe I’ll have an urchin in the next few sessions. An urchin I designed myself! Because…I have no idea. I guess the other alternative is to have the GM come up with an urchin and that’s never a safe bet. Which also means that my urchin is an item because…errr…I think it has to be considered an item if you don’t want the GM meddling. Maybe? This is a very bizarre game system. I had fun though, designing my first shape shifting urchin with input from the other players. Not only does he/she/it have the practical land/sea/air forms but it also can turn into a sentient cheese, an amorphous silicone blob, bees, a spiny urchin and chickens. Sometimes you gotta have a little fun, you know?

Saturday we cleaned like mad things, arrived at the theater in the middle of the previews (I so want to see the transformers movie even more now) and stood around like bumblewads looking for our peeps. They had to wave us down like we were jet planes rolling around the terminals. Over! Here! but finally we found our seat and chilled. BTW, F4 – RotSS is pretty rad. It’s not overly think-y but immensely mind candy enjoyable. Plus, Ioan Gruffudd? Mmmmm, tasty eye candy. Then we had everyone over for a BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat) BBQ that went rather well. I took a short nap, we loaded up a bicycle (don’t ask) and winged out to Rob’s for a birthday gig. He made tasty cake, we stayed up until 3am playing Apples to Apples while also coming up with the fourth book in the Moodjí Cycle: Ambassador Moodjí and the Wild Apples of Manitoba.

Someday I’m actually going to write a series of children’s books about Moodjí the Onion Boy.

Sunday was picto-madness day. And cake. Mmm, cake. And pie. Mmm, pie. And birthdays and Father’s days and oi! We planned way too much this weekend. I need another weekend to recover from my weekend.

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Did you know that the script is already finished for the stand-alone Silver Surfer movie? I don’t know if your Welsh fellow will be in it.

  2. Boo Says:

    I did not know per se about the Silver Surfer but I kinda wondered when I went poking about for F4 info. Tasty, Tasty welsh man will probably not be in a Silver Surfer movie but that’s OK. Silver Surfer’s pretty rad by himself. Like the Oscar’s guy but silver and with a surf board.

    Wouldn’t that be awesome if the Oscar’s guy was the Silver Surfer’s nemises? He’d have to fly on a red carpet I’d imagine but still.

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