The Friday Five!

Love is a many splendered thing except today when it comes in a five pack.

1. How many times have you truly been in love?

“Wuv….twoooo wuv”

Heh. I don’t put much stock in “being truly in love” because it’s all just a little too fairy tale and neat for my liking. The whole question of “truly being in love” brings images of roses and champagne and trips to exotic places to gaze moon eyed into your lover’s eyes and blah blah blah when in reality when you are in love there are roses but then there are also garbage Wednesdays. “Truly in love” sounds like two people living all sugary smoochy with no problems cropping up anywhere. Of course, I may be a bit cynical.

I’ve been in love, I’m pretty certain, but was it “truly” in love? What if it was at the time but isn’t now, was that really “truly in love”? Once upon a relationship I thought I was in love but now I think I was in love with an idea and not the person. I guess that doesn’t count. I’m going to be marrying TheMan in 5 months so I would suppose there is “true love” there but I’d rather just say that TheMan and I love each other and leave it at that. “Truly” in love to me implies that all the other kinds of love don’t carry as much weight as TRUE LOVE and I think every kind of love has its place in life.

I figure when you are comfortable enough around another person to let a fart or two squeak out and neither party is emotionally traumatized things is good. When you look forward to being with that person because you just miss their presence things is good. When you have kissed a person a million times and you still do a little happy dance on the millionth and one kiss because they still taste good and their lips are still the right kind of soft and comfy, things is good. When you wake up and look at that person all sleepy and stinky and hair mussy in the morning and they are still a mix of alluringly sexy and adorably cute, things is good. And then there is the physical side of things. Mroooowr! I’m a big fan of romance and lust in the same package.

Hee, package.

Of course TheMan and I have our cranky days too but we have weathered through them with colors. Maybe not flying very high on some days, maybe flapping for all to see on others but we get through our Garbage Wednesdays with little permanent damage. It’s important to be able to get bitch cranky at/with/by/near your “true love” and not have the relationship go to pieces. I think TheMan and I can do this for years to come (heh, we’ve already had some practice), things is good.

Are these elements of “Truly” in love? It probably depends on your perspective. Me, I’d be satisfied and very happy for the rest of my life being, kissing and waking up next to TheMan until we are both old and pruny wrinkled. Even if we still have to take the garbage out every Wednesday.

2. What was/is so great about the person you love(d) the most?

Hee, TheMan smells good. Even when he is stinky after sleeping all night I don’t mind snuggling up to him for a morning snooze-snuggle. I’m not sure why, but the way people smell is one of those important things for me. I’m not talking BO stink or fart whiff because these are sorta transitory smells that go away after a while but the smell that is the base smell of a person. Everyone has one and some people’s smells are nice and others not so much (and it probably depends on the person doing the sniffing too so one persons stinky guy/gal could be another’s scented rose petal). I think that even in some remote universe with a honey who was the world’s best lover, cook, humanitarian, rich beyond the meaning of the word etc. if he had a natural funk to him I’d probably not be his main squeeze.

Of course TheMan is a good cook, a kind person (a great humanitarian and my dear friend…oh sorry. Channeling Ben Vereen there a moment) a geek (hee!) and all sorts of other things I find fun and sexy and interesting too, but I wanted y’all to know that he smells good.

That’s not givin y’all leave to sniff my man though. You are going to have to find your own good smelling squeeze.

3. What qualities should a significant other have?

Respect, love and lust. Very important. I don’t think a relationship would go anywhere (at least not in a healthy way) if both parties didn’t respect each other. Love is important too because after the initial wild touchy feely getting to know you well vibes die down there has to be something there to sustain the relationship between bouts of wild monkey sex. Let’s face it, I think you begin to chafe if every time you and your honey were together the house started to rock. Plus the dishes wouldn’t ever get done and the lawn would become a thing of Serengeti beauty. On the other hand, a relationship needs its share of “Oook” to keep it spicy. I like spicy!

Oh, and significant others should smell good too. Hee.

4. Have you ever broken someone’s heart?

Ummm….maybe? One incident comes to mind way back in 9th grade when a friend of mine mistook our friendship for something more. I’m afraid I acted rather poorly and I hope I didn’t scar him. Poor fella.

5. If there was one thing you could teach people about love, what would it be?

Roses and Garbage Wednesdays. You get both. Try to enjoy and cherish the roses as much as possible and don’t fret too much about the garbage. In between, give your honey a smooch just cuz.

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