We Close Our Eyes And Dream

And the world has turned around again.

TheMan and I both have pretty vast areas of musical likes but our musical preferences don’t ever seem to fall in that happy middle ground contained by both circles. So, while I’d gleefully spend the whole day tootling around as my five disc player sang me Rush, Erasure, Matchbox 20, maybe some Winwood and quite possibly a little Aerosmith; TheMan’s would not. In fact, TheMan’s five disc player would be sitting there frowning while tapping its little CD player foot waiting for my noise to finish so it could get on with the good music. Begin the day with a friendly voice nothing, it has some Zappa, a little ECC, a smattering of Residents with a little Bonzo Dog band thrown in and of course, Oingo Boingo cued up.

This makes me sad for although Zappa is the bomb genius of guitar playing, listening to more than three or four Zappa tunes makes me want to eat someone’s face. TheMan, on the other hand, has every Zappa album ever made. Herein lies the Problem. Also, this does not make for good traveling music selections because one us is going to end up twitchy. Just last week TheMan burned 70 of Oingo Boingo’s most accessible tunes onto a disc to test out our new radio and I cringed when he told me. I didn’t want to listen to 70 Oingo Boingo tunes. I could do maybe 3 Oingo Boingo tunes but that left 67 others I’d still have to listen to. I’d like to not have to eat TheMan’s face but 67 Boingo tunes? That’s pushing it.

To be honest, I don’t really know the band all that well so there may indeed be 5 tunes worthy of burning. I do know that there have been numerous times when an Oingo Boingo tune has come up on the play list and TheMan immediately goes to his happy place all head boppin and singing along. Meanwhile, I’m sitting there wishing I could hit the history erase button for the year the song was created. I feel kinda bad about that because he’s only trying to share something he’s really geeked about and I’m all “Say, let’s just turn the radio off eh?”

Oh! Did I mention that we got a new radio for the bug? We did! And TheMan took out a restraining order which prohibits me from coming within 20 feet of the bug if I’m carrying any sort of coffee beverage. Fair enough.

Anyway, I’ve decided that maybe I haven’t given Oingo Boingo a fair shake so to that end, I’m listening to the 70 hit wonder CD. I mean, really listening to it, not just glossing over with a “Oh, that’s a Boingo tune”. So far the title tune has been stuck firmly in my head since this weekend and I’ve found at least two other Boingo tunes I like. That’s not to say that all of the tunes are simply misunderstood ditties because the one or two that make me want to start eating faces still do. But! Two more tunes to add to the list of Oingo Boingo tunes I rather quite enjoy out of the 20 I’ve gone through so far. In 50 more songs, I might have another 12 or so to add to the list. Who knows!

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