I have lots of stuff to write, just not a lot of time to write it I guess. One of the committees I am on is putting on a big picnic thing today so yesterday was all about getting last minute details all squared away and getting the disposal list ready for…ummm…disposing.

Have I mentioned the disposal lists? If not, it’s a government depository thing. We are a slice o’ the pie depository library because we are a specialized library and don’t need everything the government prints. They print a lot of stuff. Lots of lots. Lots of lots on lots of different subjects. However, the Gov gives depository libraries free stuff, and you can’t beat the price of free, so we tell them that we only want to get stuff from X subjects. See, you have to select by subject and not book title so depository libraries get the whole deluge of subject X when really they might only want title Y and Z of subject X. The price of free, I guess, is to be inundated with lots of titles so you can get your wanted titles.

The other price of free is that the rules say we can’t just get rid of the books we don’t want because someone somewhere might need them someday. Instead, we have to hang on to them for 5 years before chucking (re: recycling) them and then…but wait we can’t just willy nilly get rid of stuff we haven’t wanted for five years. No! We have to first tell our “governing depository library” that we are fixing to get rid of these here titles that we have had kickin around for all them years. Just in case they might want a copy or two of the Area Wage Survey for Appleton-Oshkosh-Neenah, Wisconsin, Metropolitan Area; November 1989. No joke, I am actually holding that title in my hands at the moment – it really exists. I even know where these towns are (heh, my Gram used to live in Neenah, we would go into Appleton for shopping and occasionally we would go out to Oshkosh for dinner. Ain’t much happening out there my friends but overalls and Lake Winnebago) and I can’t say I am genuinely thrilled to know the Area Wage Survey for those towns at that time. But you never know! So on the shelf it stayed until we could ditch it this year.

For whatever reason, this month we have a bazillion bound volumes of stuff to get rid of (rough estimate? 260 bound volumes of these Area Wage Surveys and whatnot plus the usual 40 or 50 titles. The shelves in my office are covered with rejects waiting for permission to leave!) and all was fine until the mother ship told us we can’t list them by bound volume but have to list them by individual issue in the volume. Some of these volumes have close to 20 issues in them, most have 10 and they all have long ass unique depository IDs that make no sense what so ever. Oh, and we can only send them 15 pages of rejects. I now have a pile of 50 books of issues that I have to stash somewhere due to the fact that 10 to 20 entries takes up more room than one entry that describes the whole run that has been bound. Have I mentioned I don’t much care for the mother libraries?

So yeah, fun fun. Stupid governing depositories. Oh, I suppose it makes sense from their point of view but they don’t have to go through all our volumes issue by issue to record the bizzarro ID numbers so I may be seeing this from a slightly slanted perspective.

TheMan was all bummed that I didn’t do a weekend recap so here it is in a nutshell:

Saturday was the day of pain and stupidity. I had to be at the dojo for kids class which went well and then I went to KFu because I hadn’t gone in a while and I did all my KFu stuff and I am still sore. I was also told that my horse stance sucked, which is true. I only mention this because Monday in Karate I was told (in nicer terms of course) that my horse stance sucked. So, I suck in two disciplines. Heh. One of the brown belts said that the plus side was at least I was consistent. I love my seniors! Hee.

TheMan hung out at work and did more title sequences. We got home lateish and ummmm, that brings us to-

Sunday. Kids class went well, they all got their promotions and now we have a raft of orange belts. Just so you know, I looked at the kids class progression and finally got it all straight. They start with White belt (Jukyu), like the adults do but then they go to Yellow belt (Kukyu), Orange belt (Hatchikyu), Blue belt (Siechiekyu) and then Blue belt with a green tag which is equivalent to the adult White belt with a green stripe which is Rokokyu (That’s what I currently am). Between each of the colored belts there are three tag divisions so as a White belt your first promotion would be to get one yellow tag (because you are working on getting a yellow belt). The next is a second yellow tag, then a third and then the yellow belt. They test about twice a year so if there are 13 levels, a six year old will be right about Rokokyu when they reach 13 and have to transition into the adult program. Neat that. You know, I can’t remember what else –

OH! Church! We got everything arranged with the pastor dude and all is progressing nicely. It looks like we will have to have the rehearsal dinner the weekend before the wedding but no big. It works out better cuz then we can have the out of town BBQ on the Saturday before the wedding. Is that only 5 months away? Where did the time go? Yikes!

Lastly, Monday kids class. Nobody died, nothing was broken, it was a good class. Really, I didn’t know that this week was the last week of regular school for them (the real learning stuff) on top of being the day after the promotions. They. Were. Bazoo. I yelled myself hoarse trying to get their attention. We also were doing new and cool stuff and lots of pushing so they got wound all up and were bouncing off the walls. Oi. Eh, I think it went as well as it could have gone given all the factors.

OK, I need to get doing stuff so more later (be that still today or in a day or two. Who knows!)

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