Speed Writing

All the thoughts of the day balled up into 15 minutes of writing.

Hokay, I’m going to try to do a fifteen minute blog thing. First of all, I am sleepy today. I don’t know what’s up, other than I haven’t been getting the best of sleep but today I am dragging. When I looked in the mirror this morning two fluffy pillows masquerading as my eye lids looked back at me so maybe I shoulda gotten a clue then. But it was the first of the morning so I was pretty happy to find the whole face and not too worried about the individual parts. Still, I thought to myself, in morning grunts, “Man, what happened to my eyeballs during the night?” I bet they were up all night partying and didn’t invite me. Bastards. See if I take them anywhere.

So it started raining sometime last night and I don’t think it has stopped yet. This is, of course, making the kitties bazoo so they have felt the need to be bouncing and running everywhere. Maybe that contributes some to my tiredness. I guess when TheMan opened the windows a crack both kitties had their heads glued to the smells coming in. They were also rather interested in Boots, the neighborhood roamer, as he sauntered by. The “I” was all “HEY! You! Cat! This is my turf buddy!” Yeah, like if Boots decided to do anything Mr. “I’m so tough from inside the house” cat would probably run under the bed. Fnmph.

So, yeah. Rain. We got it. I still went out in it (got my toes all wet too) to meet TheMan for lunch at this cool little down town hang. Actually, I am not sure what section of town it is in “officially”, maybe it’s more a cool little on campus thing. Whatever. They have the best pizza roll things, which we did not get and they also have kick ass bean soup. Northern Bean Soup is the proper name I think. It was one of those bean soup days so I was all about the soup. Got some salad too. It was all pretty darn healthy, at least more so than pizza rolls, so tonight when we go out I can splurge.

Tonight is TheMan’s long time bestest bud from the 5th grade (or whatever, they grew up together way up north there and have been hanging since at least middle school) birthday and we are all going over to the Real Seafood Company so Rob can get Lobster. So you know what I was singing this morning yes? Well of course, the Rob Lobster song. It amused me. Anyway, Rob is one of those deliberate people (true story: It took him 6 hours to debone a chunk of smoked whitefish that made 2 soft ball sized pate dip things) so it usually takes him twice as long to eat as it does any one else. Give him lobster and he is eating (and cracking and scooping and…) for three hours. Really. Last year we had 8:30 reservations and we didn’t get out of there until after 11. We were there so late they ran out of their chocolate brandy mousse, which is the entire reason for going to that restaurant, and the batch they had for the next day hadn’t set up. The guy even brought it out for us to see but he wouldn’t just leave the tub and a few straws at the table. Ah well. The plan tonight is to order dessert with the dinner so it’s there when we eat it at 11ish.

Yeah, I am going to make sure the waiter gets a humongo tip cuz 3 hours is harsh.

Lastly, as it appears that I only have two minutes left, I think I am going to go to gaming and not KFu tonight because of the whole sleepy me thing. Actually it’s Tai Chi night and I can just see me holding the ball and thinking “Hmmmm. Comfy ball. Me go sleep right here holding nappy ball” and that can’t be very productive. Ah well. Next week then and I am out of time!

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