The Keys to Imagination

And other interesting places, all of which my keys have wandered off to damnit.

And a big resounding BAH to the mumses because she likes TheMan’s blog better than my blog. TheMan writes all shorty blurbits while my blog is a more along the lines of in depth journal writing that “take too long to read”. BAH! Bah bah bah! Pbbbbblt! Did I tell you that Mumses forgot my name the last time we went out to visit? She was all “Well TheMan and…ahhhh…ummmm….” Hello! It’s your daughter boo? Remember me? The fruit of your loins? (actually, can babies be the fruit of a woman’s loins? Not sure on the exact heritage for that remark). BAH!

The whole gang went over to The Mumses yesterday for Father’s day and a good time was had by all. I had a monster turkey burger, a first from the Kitchen of Chez Mr. Paul and it was tasty. Mumses squished the buns all flat and grilled them which, she said, promotes an even grilling. That it does, but it also makes them come out looking awfully weird. Still darn fine tasty though so I ignored the flat squishy grill thing they had going on and stuffed myself happily. Uuuurp.

Afterwards I made a three fruit crisp that came out well. Originally it was going to be rhubarb but when I stomped through the back forty (we need to mow again, darn grass) I discovered that our rhubarb had gone funky. So, strawberries, blue berries and Reinier cherries became the crisp base. The crispy part of the crisp could have had a little more wet but all in all I achieved what I was looking for: A semi tart crisp that melded well with the sweet of the ice cream. Everyone ate up, no one died, I consider it a success.

Then we began talking keys. I wanted the condo key back from my sis and my mumses had just replaced the front door key so everyone had their keys out and was swapping things. My keys haven’t changed much since 1986 and more likely before, or at least my philosophy of keys hasn’t although the actual keys certainly have come and gone. I believe in the “one ring to bind them all” style of keys so all my keys have hung out on the master inch and a half ring or the satellite one inch ring (attached happily to the master ring so I could find the important keys from the jumble of other keys). As of ’96 I added a tiny ring to the assembly for my truck cap keys so the whole thing is a bundle of jingle. Shiny.

Since Mumses had replaced her front door lock, I had to go hunting for her house key in the dredges of “keys I have that I don’t use so often” or the ones on the master ring. Mumses was curious about how I could find any key so I told her it’s all by placement: My house key, the garage key and the truck key are all on the medium satellite ring while the cap keys and my sis’s house key are on the tiny satellite ring and Mumses front and side door keys, Mr. Paul’s key, my dad’s key and a tiny key that I think goes to my strong box are all on the master ring. Those I don’t use so often.

Unfortunately, my explanation of key organization got cut off when Mumses found out I had a side door key. Apparently, I have the only existing side door key left in the known universe so she was all excited about that. Naturally, I gave her back the key which may or may not work as I don’t remember when I got it in relation to when they changed the locks on the doors. Come to think on it, I am not sure if they changed all the locks or just one lock so it may be a viable house opening key or it may be totally useless save for its uniqueness of being the only key left that may or may not open one of the three side doors. Then, my sis went to get the condo key only to discover that she had an old key long since upgraded so that was tossed. Mr. Paul got out his condo key, which matched the key my sis had so that too went the way of old keys. I have one on the floor of my truck as well, they are everywhere!

Next, my sis said that she has a new house key and she told me that my dad re-keyed his house long ago so there went two more keys from the rings. Pop, pop! My poor key chain looks like it has the mange! Keys were coming off left and right and the new keys look like all the other keys still on the ring so even though I may only have 5 keys left, they all look alike. Further more, where have the other five condo keys gotten themselves off to if my sis and Mr. Paul had the old keys? Damn keys. On the plus side, Mr. Paul said he has a truck key of mine. That explains where my spare went, I was trying to figure out where I had last seen it.

If anyone finds one of the AWOL condo keys or any of the three gazillion extra truck keys I keep making every 5 years (and losing them twice as fast it seems) send them back my way eh? Much appreciated.

2 Responses to “The Keys to Imagination”

  1. Mum Says:

    No wonder I don’t like your blog, you use it to write lies about me. I didn’t forget your name, I just didn’t have any room to say it before I was interrupted. I do have a lot of trouble telling you from your sister on the phone though. As long as I’m giving my opinions, let me air a few more. By the time we reach adulthood, we have pretty much accepted the fact that people are not perfect. We like them, or not, and adjust around the parts that if we were creating this person, might be different. As we become closer and more fond of someone, these imperfections can even become endearing. Oddly enough, this does not apply to parents. They are the ever available whipping boys for all that may have gone wrong or may in the future go wrong with your life. So when you don’t get that promotion, be sure and give the folks a dig to get even. Remember, that when you bring children into the world and love them with your whole heart and change all the things that you didn’t agree with about how you were brought up, so your child can be a better person than you. Remember, that you too will be held to the unreachable standard. You may hope that they will see you as people who tried the best they could to raise a child to feel good about themselves, be confident and strong and above all loved, but don’t pin too much hope on it. Children and parents have a bond unlike any other that exists. It is permanent even if we wish it not to be. That may be why they can hurt one another so deeply.

  2. boo Says:

    …and there you go. Not everyone agrees on everything and that just makes the world a cool place to live in. Heh, it’d be pretty Rod Serling if no one had a differing opinion, or maybe that’s what a hive mind is all about. Do bees get into arguments? Anyway, Hi mumses! Glad you stopped by (even though I ramble! *grin*).