Three Weird Cats

The trouble with a kitten’s that
eventually it becomes a cat.

-Ogden Nash

There is a million things to do before we head out on TheMan’s Traveling Christmas Show this Wednesday (butt early too, like it’s a day off and we are STILL getting up with the work alarm. Ick.) and fortunately we have already been chipping away at a few of them. The Meow is safely sequestered downstairs and she is free ranging happily among the odds and ends as we speak. We had to do a little Meow proofing and such which lead to a general organizing of the downstairs by TheMan. He had an industrious thing going and then suddenly, POOF, the ratty nasty corner was cleaned and organized. All in the guise of spending more time downstairs to make sure The Meow got a good share of kitty loving.

And this in turn, I think, is making my cats all wiggy. They usually run with the wig-o-meter somewhere around three on a nice calm nothing is happening day because they are basically high strung critters. At least the Siamese is. The little Brit is often too dumb to realize things are different, or maybe she just doesn’t care, but when the “I” gets wiggy for a long time, she starts joining in too. Lately, the wig-o-meter has been at about five what with all the holiday going ons and the new cat in residence. We cleverly blocked Meow off from the kitchen on the downstairs end and the Weirdoes are blocked off from the kitchen on their end but I think they all know something’s up even thought neither party can see the other one. More stress for the kitties.

Yesterday we put up Christmas lights! Yay! (wig-o-meter at six) TheMan has them all programmed in on the automated house system too, so they go on for 3 hours in the morning and on again for 6 hours in the evening. They come on just after the morning alarm (wig-o-meter at seven) and somewhere around ‘Dudes, get your buns OUT OF BED NOW’. We also started in on the laundry, which is but one small load from being finished (wig-o-meter at eight) and part of the kitchen is cleaned and organized, including the dishes which need to be washed today (wig-o-meter at nine).

Tuesday we need to start packing and loading up the bug (wig-o-meter at ten) for the earlier than the sun get up and move out. We should arrive at TheMan’s grandma’s place at a good hour for Christmas morning festivities and then maybe practice carols for the old folks caroling walk through on Thursday. Then it’s up north of north for a long weekend of fun (and SNOW darn it! Where’s my snow???). Sometime after New years we will be back down to hearth and home with presents and a box of pasties for the kitty sitter. That is if there is still a house left to come home to. My kitties go to eleven.

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