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300 bulbs, the depressing flatness of the neighbor state, and the annual Smithee road trip!

BooYaw! That’s the word for today. It pretty much describes my current (read last two weeks) mood about all the fun things that are going to happen. I tell you, it’s like Christmas but with events instead of presents. Next week I’m not only off to Origins in sunny Ohio for the fun and the Smithee Awards and Bucca de Beppa, if the Smith-ka-teers are willing to eat there again, but I’m also going Out Of Town and Wont Be At Work. Very important. The whole trip would be even better if it was in another state because, damn Ohio bites. “Hi” in the middle and round on both ends MY ASS! Next to Kansas, Ohio is the flattest state in the union. The only thing that saves Ohio from gloriously snatching that title away from Kansas is Cincinnati. Cincinnati is beautiful, rolling, green and I think Ohians stole it from Kentucky just so they wouldn’t be known as the flattest, boringest state ever. They made up that stupid ditty about their state too, you can tell. Stupid flat boring rest of Ohio around Cincinnati. Where was I? Ummm…next week-Oh yeah. TheMan also scheduled our first catering tasting for the same day so we can be well fed (or fed, or fed small bits of things before being told to shove off) at the start of our trek.

Unfortunately, our destination falls a bit short of Ohio (whatusedtobeKentucky) paradise and lands us in Columbus. Hey they both start with C, maybe I can imagine in some hills and stuff. I’ll get right on that. So, we are going to be staying in a spiffy new motel that advertises free high speed internet access and free soft drinks in the rooms. Do they know that this is a gaming convention? Heh. I wanna see their losses as 10 million gamers go on a four day long caffeine jag off of the free coke. The internet access though, that’s pretty wicked. I can update and play NeoPets (shutup!) and check mail and all sorts of cool things. Oh and play Neverwinter Nights as well (even without the access I suppose) because as I type, TheMan downloads the last bits of the trial beta Mac version. MAC VERSION! I can not believe mein eyeballs!

300 bulbs. I ordered 300 bulbs (and the scotch didn’t have much to do with it) for less that $75. Heck I have 100 crocus coming my way for somewhere around $13. (Tulips and Daffodils if you are curious). $13 people, how can you not order 100 bulbs for that price? OK, so I’m still not sure where they are all going to go but $13! Actually, I do know where they are going! 100 crocus (minus whatever A of K&A wants in exchange for black iris) are being seeded into the lawn so in the spring before the first mow we have a gazillion happy crocus fellas all blooming and festive like. I love me some crocus! The Tulips and Daffodils…well I have until fall to figure out where they are going.

Which brings me to Jung Seeds. I nabbed a catalog from Alessar a while back and this weekend I dredged it out all green thumby and itching to look at and plan plants. I love Jung’s Seeds! They so totally rock, you can get everything and anything from them. They have elderberries! That catalog and I have been inseparable as I plan out the vegetation prospects of TheMan’s yard. Poor TheMan. Really, though, it will be much better looking when I am done. I have a vision! (Which includes lots of thorny rose bushes lining the walk so the postman cant tromp through our yard anymore).

Sadly, I accidentally left my new best friend seed catalog at Alessar’s place and I hear tell Bubbles snatched it up. Damn you Bubbles, Damn you to hell! One shiny moment and the perfect relationship between woman and seed catalog is sundered! I may never be this plant happy again (sob) especially since they have run out of catalogs until the fall. I cant wait that long! Maybe I can bribe Bubbles into giving me back the catalog, or arrange visiting rights or something. Arrrrgh!

Ah well, TheMan and I are doing the gardening in stages and we really can’t do much but prepare the area this year. Still, all those happy pages of plants. *sniff* I miss you catalog.

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