It was the main course food highlight of Bubbles’ Birthday Party Bash. But first, Friday!

Huh. Again I find that most of Friday is a big ol’ blank space. I got up at the crack of “I-was-too-lazy-to-make-a-coworker-a-birthday-goodie-last-night-so-I have-to-do-it-this-morning” and let me tell you, a.m. baking is…interesting. You may remember the last time I did a.m. baking where I made a distinctly yellow white cake by reading the directions wrong. This morning I followed most of the directions correctly save for the whole orange zesting. They wanted you to finely grind the zest up, which I interpreted as “take it off the orange” because at 5:40 in the morning, I ain’t finely grinding anything, much less orange zest. Sadly, my toothpick trick didn’t work and the gingerbread was very underdone in the middle. Nice taste though. I attribute that to the unground zest.

What the hell did I do Friday evening? I didn’t fill in the giant pony-mole hole in the front garden, that much I know. Hmmmm. Friday, Friday, Friday. TheMan picked me up from work and we went to Lowe’s to exchange a pair of clippers that had stopped working after only a month and a half and then…hmmm. No WoW (the game) was played, no Dr. Who was watched so…? I guess we were total lazy Cheetobutts and chilled.

Saturday I got up at 8am (I’ll wait while my mumses picks herself back up off the floor. You OK mumses? Sorry to spring that on you) and went out to do some garden work. I filled in ghetto gopher hole and continued my plant murder march down towards the driveway. Around 9:20, after getting a good chunk of lawn evicted and choppering down a bush or two, I realized that I’d have to get a wiggle on if we were to meet Scott H on time. We had plans for breakfast out at the Northside Grill at 10ish. World’s Fastest After Gardening Shower Scrub!

BTW, locals will totally want to try out Northside if you haven’t already. I’ve been twice, got two different things and both were fab. Mmmmm.

We had breakfast and then went out JSF shopping at the most Korean of Asian Grocery Stores. It’s the one with the wall of Kim Chi and a good selection of frozen snacks. I picked up another Pepero (which I’ll be lodging a complaint about whenever I write it up), another Pocky, some strange pizza crackers, emoticon candy (hee!) and a Korean take on a Japanese Snack Food I’ve already reviewed. I love that!

Then it was back to gardening until it was time to get ready for Bubbles’ parTAY. Score one for the gardener: I ripped up all the way to the driveway and met my self imposed gardening goal. Huzzah!

Badmovie and LunarGeography hosted the birthday night and I brought the fixings for Meatsagna. It involved several of us trying to figure out how to cook bacon and then assembling the Meatsagna. For the record, Meatsagna (which Badmovie coined. And HEE!) is made with a layer of bacon, tomato sauced browned ground turkey, a layer of cottage cheese, bacon, turkey tom sauce mixture, cottage cheese, bacon and a cheddar cheese hat. It was delicious! Also, incase you are wondering, the microwave method seemed to work the best for cooking bacon. Closely following that is the pan frying method but it takes about three years to cook and you get grease spattered. A distant third is the baking method and it’ll eat a pizza pan if you are not careful. No bacon was boiled for this experiment.

Later we watched half of a Chesty Morgan flick called “Deadly Weapons(?)” until it locked up on us and quit playing. Argh! We switched to Piñata Survivor Island (true thing! I could not make this up if I tried!) and had a good laugh, then watched Divine Retribution starring Erik Estrada as a monsignor. It also had Jan Michael Vincent, Robert Z’Dar and the briefest appearance by Scott Shaw. The batshit crazy-nuts antagonist was the best thing ever and we all got a kick out of his crazy man talk. There was, of course, booze made in this totally cool and awesomely rad little blender thing that blended inside the cups! That wrocked.

Sunday I evicted the last stoopid bush in the front portion of the garden and did a little puttering elsewhere in my other gardens. On the left front garden I finally popped one of the little crazy rose bushlets out of the spot I rooted it in and into the spot I want it to grow in. Hopefully, it’ll take and flourish like the parent bush. I have to pop over to the condo sometime this week and reclaim the porch from that beastie. The rest of the evening we were lazybutts and loafed about.

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