Hell Hath No Woman Like A Furry Scorned

I…have no idea. We were putting together the MegaMeta ballot packs and somehow Hell came up and there you go. We thought it was amusing and apparently I was amused enough to use it as a title for a blog post. Then again, I hate coming up with titles so…

Oh! I am all asquee about our upcoming Origins vacation trip I can hardly stand to be in the same skin with myself. We’re doing pretty good on the prep work, having assembled about 900 ballot packs – give or take, and all but one giveaway puppet are done (and as I understand it, BatRatSpiderCrab-ionette just needs leg extenders and a good solid coating of migraine red paint. Oh, and to be strung up but details, details) and the buttons are all printed out and button parts a-plenty are ready to be packed away. Not bad. I should press some buttons this weekend to have on hand and cut out the rest for the Smithee Button-a-thon we’re planning on doing again this year.

Loyal readers might remember, if I wrote about it, that we didn’t exactly have buttons pressed in time last year so we did a little “event” thing in the breezeway wherein we pressed buttons and harassed people. It was really kinda fun so we’re doing it again this year along with a color your own Orochi pin thing. We have blank Orochi…errr…blanks and Skarpie markers. Yup. Skarpie. Badmovie found them for a dollar at the dollar mart so of course he picked them up. Of course. *chucklesnort* Skarpie. We’re thinking Thursday Evening would be a grand time to do a button thing.

Did I say that I had finally designed an Orochi button? Well, ummm…guess what! I designed an Orochi button!


Another bit of squeeage happened when we got home yesterday and I saw the Cafe Press bag on our porch. The Smithee shirts we ordered had come in – HUZZAH! TheMan got a nice olive green Smithee staff shirt (it has the trashcan logo) and I got a Skull Cow and a Wire Fu t-shirt. Skull cow looks AWESOME! Now I have to decide what day I wear what shirt. I’m thinking I’m going to wear the Wire Fu shirt when we press buttons but should I wear Skull cow Friday or my Promotions Ninja shirt Friday? Hrrrmmm!

Sadly, although a good deal of Smithee prep work is done, a good deal of going on vacation house prep is not. I need to do laundry in a most urgent way and the dishes (fuckin dishes) seem to never be done. You could do seven entire loads and always one glass or plate will manage to turn up just when you are wiping things down. And once you have one glass or plate it’s all over. They breed like flies until they annex the whole counter. I’m seriously considering just eating with my hands from here on out just so that nonsense stops. Argh, dishes HATE!

I also need to do some garden work so that the front garden doesn’t sprout weeds like the food garden has. I figure that this weekend I can get the side of the front garden all ripped out, dirted up and mulched in…oh a couple hours? Am I deluding myself? OK, maybe a couple hours to clear it out and then a couple hours to make the soil all nice and plant tasty, throw in the little border doodads and mulch the ever loving beegeebus out of it. I also really should spend time weeding the food garden. Apparently when you have a rhizomous plant and you rototill it under with a super testosterone lawn choppering rototiller you don’t get dead choppered up rhizomous plant. Instead, you get several lots of itty bitty rhizomous plants which will sprout like mad things when you water the food garden. Did you know violets are rhizomous plants? I did not until I started growing a crop of them.

You taste much better than violets.

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