How Many Posts Start With “Lazy”?

Perhaps I should have named my blog “Cheeto butt” (imagine the Googling on that. Heh) or Couch Cheeto because I accomplished very little of my plans this weekend.

Friday night something happened and there were things and stuff. Or, as usual, I can’t remember the specifics. We went out to eat at Lucky Garden (great food – I recommend the Spicy Garlic Ginger Chicken, TheMan recommends the Tso) because we were feeling lazy. And it was hot, but mostly we didn’t want to fix up anything for dinner. Locals might want to check it out because Lucky Garden is a mighty fine purveyor of the American Chinese cuisine.

Anyway, we went in, sat down, did not hum a few bars of Alice’s restaurant and as usual we were the only ones dining in. I think LG does most of its business in take away orders. We got the waiter we usually get (I think he’s the owner’s son) and he struck up a computer geek conversation with TheMan. I guess he saw the bug’s license plate and gathered from that that we were computer geeky. He’s half right. He’s also going off to college soon and wanted advice on computers and platforms and yadda yadda. Of course TheMan pimped up Apple.

We may have watched a Doctor Who episode in the evening. I can’t remember, let’s say we did and move on.

Moving! Saturday we were such complete sluggards that we defined a whole new level of laziness. There was WoWing (the game) and then there was…more WoWing. Then following the WoWing there was a little bit more WoWing and then just plain old WoWing. Wow (the expression), we were dreadfully lazy. Oh, I take that back, we were only mildly irksomely lazy because I was doing laundry-crafting and TheMan went a couple rounds with the dishes. I also packed for Origins because it had been long enough between washing that most of what we were going to take was dirty and packing was easier than folding and putting away. I’d say I was a genius but in fact, I’m lazy.

I did no gardening Saturday so Sunday I cracked into yard work like a mad thing. I’ve completely busted my time table for getting the garden done and unless I’m really festive with the shovel and rake, it doesn’t look like I’ll have it done before Origins. Still, I took out the remaining lawn bits and two bushes things. One was a stoopid bush, which I really don’t like, but the other was a boxwood. They make stoopid bushes look like a dream to pull out. Argh! I think it took me three hours to yank two bushes and I funked up my back doing it. I don’t walk right anymore! Ow! At least I had the foresight to top off the lawn bag with the winter kruft that had gathered up in and among the picky pokey plant stubs. All that’s left is one massive ugly stoopid bush and that pile of picky poky stumplets. I think it was a snowball bush or hydrangea or something and I hope they come out nice and easy like.

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