Trust Ohio To Mess Things Up

Awww man, I was all “OoooOOOooooo!” about being in Columbus on the 4th because they do a bang up (heh) job of celebrating the 4th with their Red, White and Boom celebration. We caught it once when Origins encapsulated Independence Day and it was rather quite boomy. And also shiny! and you know I love the shiny! Then I read about another celebration going on called “Red, White and Brew” thrown by a pub called The Frog Bear and Wild Boar and I perked up with a resounding OoooOOOooooo!! because beer! Then 30 seconds later my happy festivities balloon was ruthlessly popped when I read that the Red, White and Brew was going to be held on the 3rd. We’re not leaving until the 4th. *sniff* But at least we would catch the Red, White, and Boom and I do love me a giant fireworks display.

Today, while discussing plans with a coworker, I found it odd when she said the local fireworks show (which is not nearly as impressive as Columbus’s gig) was going down tonight rather than tomorrow night. If anyone hasn’t already caught on, it is presently July 3rd and last I checked we’all as a nation celebrated the whole Independence of the Colonies on the 4th not the 3rd. However, it could be that I haven’t gotten the memo yet because I always seem to be the last person to get the news. Barring the national memo thing, I decided that the locals were on crack, which…could very well be. But! Then I got to thinking about things and stuff, mostly stuff relating to the willy nilly changing of Independence Day, and I got a niggling bad feeling in that tiny part of the head which spawns niggling bad feelings. So I popped over to the Red, White and Boom page to check when their festivities were being held and I discovered that Ohio is on crack as well.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! My Shinies! Why?? WHY!?!

Now I have one more reason to hate Ohio. 4th of July people. FOURTH!!! ARGH!

Speaking of Ohio, because we were, the Origins prep is pretty much fini. We went out shopping for supplies last night and picked up everything but the frootz because Meijers had teh suXXX0r for frootz. Ergo, I got to make an extra K-Roget trip for after work for fruit. Mrrrrrrft. At least I got the cool bag of red apples, green apples, and oranges which I thought was the bomb for this sort of situation. I like a little fruit variety. We also pressed out some magnets (all of which turned out some form of utter crap. HATE!) and TheMan cut out a ton of Smithee button thingits (the circular art for the bottons…what is that called?) so we are prepped for buttonage down in Columbus. The Smithee box is packed, the GORP is made and our brand spankin new cooler on wheels is mostly loaded with cooler things and awaiting departure. We gots rollin food transportation. Wrock.

On the home front, I attacked the pepper plot of the garden and evicted a metric ton of weeds. My hands hurt from all that digging and pulling but the peppers are all stylin in their weed free range and new grass clipping mulch. The rest of the garden looks like the origin point of a kudzu explosion but I’m working on it. By the way, the pumpkins are blooming like mad things, the tomato plants are happy and robust, I’ve got strawberries trying to annex the neighbor’s lot, and the corn is knee high if you happen to be Yao Ming. I’d be all happy squee but for the fact that no pumpkins, tomatoes, strawberries or ears of corn have yet to be actually sprouted from these plants. Even my crazy pepper plants (the only thing so far which has fruited) aren’t yet ripe. People, I can not live with this waiting, I want my havest now. WAH!!

On an admin note, the JSFR is being bumped to Monday this week because I am once again going to be picto-blogging the Origins experience. This means I won’t need a Monday recap so don’t fret my Junkies, you’ll only have a couple extra days to wait. Because of the delay, I think I just might take some JSF on the road and do a tasting in Columbus. Muahahaha…fresh meat Guinea Pigs!

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